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Ticket Forwarding


MY ACCOUNTMake the best use of your tickets, even if you can't attend every game

Angels full-season ticket holders now have a convenient FREE feature -- the option of electronically forwarding their Angels game tickets for a limited amount of games to another person beginning 24 hours before game time up to two hours before game time. If you have your Account Number (ID) and Password log on here My Angels Account Manager »

The person receiving the tickets can print them using their home or office computer and take the printout to Angel Stadium for entrance into the game.

The ticket forwarding feature for your Angels season tickets outlined here is part of a new program designed to make managing your Angels account easier.

Log on to MY ANGELS ACCOUNT MANAGER to get started.

Access Your Personal Account Today

  1. Go to My Angels Account Manager »
  2. Log on to your personal account with your My Angels Account number and password. (Call 1-888-796- HALO (4256) if you do not know your account ID or password.)
  3. Start managing your tickets - it's that easy!

You can also edit your profile and keep your account information updated.

Forward Your Tickets

Sample TicketFollow these easy steps to e-mail your tickets - up to 2 hours before game time:

  1. Select the tickets you wish to forward. You can forward more than one ticket at a time per game, but only to a single recipient.
  2. Enter the recipient's first and last name, e-mail address and any special message you'd like to send with your tickets.
  3. Submit your billing information. There is no charge for forwarding tickets, a cost-effective alternative to overnight delivery or courier services, but there is a limit on how many forwards you get a season.
  4. You'll be asked to verify your order before completing the transaction. Once forwarded, the barcode on your original season ticket will be cancelled and a new one delivered to the recipient via e-mail. Therefore it's important for the original tickets to be in your possession you'll receive an e-mail confirmation for your records.

A sample PDF of the ticket is to the right.

Make Payments

With your Angels Account, you will be able to make payments to your account directly through our secure website. It's safe and easy!