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Pick 6 Plan

Pick 6 details

*Excludes Opening Day. Games subject to availability.

**Buyers will receive one bat per Pick-6 Plan ordered. Buyers will receive a voucher for the bat(s) that may be redeemed at Gapper's Alley on the Terrace Level during the 6th-9th innings of Saturday home games. Buyers may also redeem voucher(s) at the Great American Ball Park administrative lobby on non-gamedays (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Buy your plan today to guarantee this special Reds collectible and save on Reds baseball action!

Need help choosing your games? Check out the 2016 Reds promotional schedule!

Pick-6 Plan Pricing
Pick-6 Plan Pricing
Section Price
Infield Box
Field Box
Terrace Line
View Level Box
Sun/Moon Deck
Terrace Outfield
Lower View Level
View Level

PLEASE NOTE: As a Pick-6 plan buyer, you may receive emails from with details regarding additional and exclusive Reds ticket presale opportunities.