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White Sox launch second wave of 2005 television advertising
05/23/2005 4:23 PM ET
CHICAGO -- The Chicago White Sox have launched the second round of the club's 2005 television advertising campaign, which takes a humorous approach to the season's "Win or Die Trying" tagline. The first of four new spots, which debuted yesterday, stars outfielder Aaron Rowand with cameo appearances by Jermaine Dye and Scott Podsednik. The spots were created by Two x Four, the club's advertising agency.

The 2005 advertising campaign includes television, radio, print and outdoor. The campaign focuses on the concept of "Grinder Rules," which support a challenge made publicly this winter by general manager Ken Williams to define the way the White Sox play baseball. The campaign was developed after research conducted by the White Sox showed that White Sox fans appreciate a club that is aggressive, hard-working and team-oriented.

From that research, the Grinder Rules concept was created to anchor the 2005 advertising campaign and offer a creative approach to the team's on-field philosophy and style. Grinder rules, which already appear in print and outdoor ads, include "Only one stat matters: W," "You're either counted on or counted out" and "A good outfielder doesn't see the wall. He tastes it."

Grinder Rule No. 1, "Win or Die Trying," was adopted as the team's tagline and appears in each new TV spot. The spots feature White Sox players in "Win or Die Trying" scenarios, putting each player in the position to do just that - win, or give everything. Along the way, each finds himself faced with an angel or a devil in a CTA train car, asking if they have played as hard as they could.

"We wanted these TV spots to be fun and lighthearted, and we knew they should take the edge off the seriousness of the 'grinder' theme," said White Sox vice president of marketing Brooks Boyer. "Baseball is entertainment, and through these spots we're able to poke fun at ourselves and enjoy the game. These ads appeal to both the die-hard and the casual fan, by allowing each to get to know the personalities of a few of our marquee players."

"This year's advertising promotes the White Sox brand and what it means to our fans, which is a hard, aggressive style of play," said Boyer. "The Grinder Rules let our fans know how we want the game to be played and what the experience at U.S. Cellular Field is all about. The pride and the passion that is White Sox baseball is our message, and our advertising communicates that message in a light-hearted tone that everyone will understand and enjoy."

"What could be better than doing commercials for a baseball team - and even better, the league's best baseball team?" said David Stevenson, Two x Four president and creative director. "This team does whatever it takes to win, and that's what these spots are all about. In a tongue-in-cheek way, we are just showing what these players are willing to do to win."

Additional TV spots, featuring Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle and Shingo Takatsu/ Tadahito Iguchi will debut in the next few weeks. The TV spot featuring Aaron Rowand will be available for viewing online at by Tuesday, May 24.

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