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Guidelines & Ground Rules

Please adhere to the following guidelines so that all fans may enjoy their experience at U.S. Cellular Field.

  • 2015 Ballpark Recommendations & Policies

    The Chicago White Sox are making the following recommendations to fans attending games this coming baseball season at U.S. Cellular Field. Read more >>

  • Autographs

    Fans holding tickets for the 100 Level may seek autographs by the home and visitors dugouts from the time the gates open until 25 minutes before game time.

  • Banners/Signs

    The White Sox encourage fans to show their team pride, but banners may not be carried during play (due to sight line restrictions) or placed on the field. Signs may not be obscene, commercial in nature or cause a disturbance to other fans. Poles used to display banners or flags are not permitted.

  • Camera/Video Equipment

    Fans are welcome to bring cameras into the ballpark. However, video cameras may not be used to reproduce the game and must not interfere with other fans. No large camera bags are allowed into the park.

  • Children's Entry

    Children shorter than approximately 36" are admitted free of charge, but must share a seat with an accompanying adult. Children taller than the turnstile arm are required to have a game ticket.

  • Entry gates

    All fans entering U.S. Cellular field will walk through a metal detector prior to accessing the ballpark.

  • Radios/Televisions

    Fans may bring single-speaker or personal radios and hand-held televisions into the ballpark, as long as they do not interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the game.

  • Rise Above - Don't let others ruin the game!

    Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and often leads to a negative experience for our other guests. The White Sox respectfully request that you conduct yourself in a manner that is non-disruptive to those guests seated around you. Guests are encouraged to immediately report inappropriate behavior directly to a staff member or via a confidential texting security program so that we can rectify the situation. Text 'RISEABOVE' (all one word) along with the location and nature of the incident to 'CHISOX' to report any safety issues or security incidents inside or outside the ballpark. Standard messaging charges apply.

  • Smoking

    Pursuant to the Smoke-Free Illinois Act 95-0017 there will be no smoking inside of U.S. Cellular Field. Smoking is not permitted within 15 ft. of any entrance or exit or any air handling units. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited. Guests failing to comply with the policy may be issued a fine and asked to surrender his/her ticket and leave the ballpark.

  • Tailgating

    Fans are welcome to tailgate before every home game in all White Sox parking lots, from two hours prior to game time (when the lots open) until the first pitch. Tailgating is not permitted after the game. Please use personal-size grills and bring one gallon of water to extinguish the coals. In order to maintain a family atmosphere, kegs are not permitted in the lots.

  • Guests Are Welcome To

    • Carry in food in a small, clear (see-through) plastic bag.
    • Enter with small, soft-sided bags (no larger than 16" x 16" x 8") that will be searched prior to entering the park.
    • Carry in one sealed plastic bottle of water, one liter or less in size, but no other beverages of any kind.
    • Use small, compact umbrellas. When opened, they may not obstruct the view of other guests. Golf size umbrellas are not permitted into the ballpark.
  • Universal Ground Rules

    • Ball on the top step (lip) of the dugout is in play. No equipment is permitted to be left on the top step (lip) of the dugout. If a ball hits equipment left on the top step it is dead.
    • A player is not permitted to step or go into a dugout to make a catch.
    • A player is permitted to reach into a dugout to make a catch. If a player makes a catch outside the dugout and the player's momentum carries him into the dugout, then the catch is allowed and the ball remains alive as long as the player does not fall while in the dugout. See Rule 6.05(a).
    • A batted ball in flight can be caught between or under railings and around screens.
    • A catch may be made on the field tarp.
    • Batted or thrown ball resting on the rotating signage behind home plate or along first base or third base stands is in play.
    • The facings of railings surrounding the dugout and photographers' areas are in play.
    • Any cameras or microphones permanently attached on railings are treated as part of the railings and are in play.
    • Any recessed railings or poles that are in the dugout and photographers' areas are out of play and should be marked with red to mark them out of play.
    • Robotic cameras attached to the facing of the backstop screen are considered part of the screen.
    • A batted ball striking the backstop camera is considered a dead ball.
    • A thrown ball striking the backstop camera is considered in play.
    • A ball striking the guy wires that support the backstop is a dead ball.
    • A ball lodging behind or under canvas on field tarp is out of play.
    • A ball striking the field tarp and rebounding onto the playing field is in play.
    • No chairs can be brought out of the dugout or bullpen and onto the playing field.
    • All yellow lines are in play.

    Official Ground Rules >>