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Salsa and Stars with Ozzie Guillen & Friends

Ruben Blades:

Ruben is a Salsa prodigy with political zeal and a passion for the big screen. He utilizes music styles from all over the world - a musical artist, actor and political activist Blades more than deserves the seven Grammy Awards. Blades has made landmark albums in classic Afro-Cuban Salsa, as well as Afro-Cuban music touched with rock, jazz, pan-Latin and other influences from around the world. He has composed hundreds of songs and dozens of hits known for their eloquent, politically-aware lyrics, colorful characters and memorable melodies.

Tito Nieves:

After starting his solo career in 1986, Tito has incorporated English into his recordings and has defied the language barrier with his versatility and crossover appeal. His music speaks to the hearts and minds of people everywhere, regardless of the language they speak. With pulsating hits, countless awards and a plethora of Grammy nominations, Nieves has been a chart topper and continues to grace the Salsa world with his talent.

Gilberto Santa Rosa:

One of the biggest acts in salsa music, Gilberto Santa Rosa was born and raised in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Considered one of the classiest acts in the industry, he has won many adoring fans throughout Latin America, especially in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Spain.

Ocho y Más:

Ocho y Más is one of the hottest bands to burst onto the Latin music scene. Considered by many to be some of the best musicians in New York City and beyond. It is no surprise that the band is rapidly gaining attention worldwide as they take salsa back to its original flavor "La Musica de Ayer, Con El Sonido de Hoy" ("Yesterday's Music with Today's Sound").