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Chicago White Sox Bullpen Bracket First Pitch Contest

The Chicago White Sox bring you the Inaugural Bullpen Bracket First Pitch Contest. Eight of your favorite local television and radio media personalities will face-off in a competition of first pitch skills. Vote for your favorite first pitch in each bracket, and whoever receives the most votes in each match-up will win another first pitch opportunity for the chance to become the Bullpen Bracket Champion!

Click on each person in the bracket below to watch a video of their first pitch.

Fans will decide which personality wins the 2014 Broadcast Bullpen Challenge title by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter links in each matchup and using the appropriate hashtag for each participant, or by voting directly here.

Congratulations to the Bullpen Bracket Winner: Laurence Holmes

Finals: Jen Lada vs. Laurence Holmes

Jen Lada    41%      Laurence Holmes    59%

Jen's First Pitch on 5/22 Jen's First Pitch on 6/11 Jen's First Pitch on 6/15 Jen Lada on Facebook Jen Lada on Twitter Billy's First Pitch on 5/22 Billy Russo on Twitter Ray's First Pitch on 5/25 Ray's First Pitch on 6/11 Ray Stevens on Facebook Ray Stevens on Twitter Kye's First Pitch on 5/25 Kye Martin on Facebook Kye Martin on Twitter Megan Glaros on Facebook Megan Glaros on Twitter Megan's First Pitch on 5/24 Laurence Holmes on Twitter Laurence's First Pitch on 5/24 Laurence's First Pitch on 6/9 Laurence's First Pitch on 6/15> Carmen's First Pitch on 5/27 J-Niice on Facebook J-Niice on Twitter J-Niice's First Pitch on 5/27 J-Niice's First Pitch on 6/9