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White Sox Vision: Jerry Reinsdorf

for the game.
for fans of the game.
for playing the game the way the game was meant to be played.

for winning.

in our city.
in our community.
in our championships.

in winning.

of passion.
of pride.
of commitment.

of winning.

Our White Sox

Passion. Pride. Tradition.

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 White Sox Mission »

Our Mission:
To win –
hearts, minds, baseball games, and World Championships. To winning.

Our Commitment:
To fans –
of the game, to fans of our heritage, to fans of our style of play, and to fans of the most entertaining experience in baseball. To fans.

Our Promise:
To care –
about our city, our work ethic, our tradition, our integrity, our honesty, our family, and our mission. To caring.

Our Values:
To be –
passionate, committed, open, honest, direct, strong, smart, aggressive, energetic, fair, colorful, exciting, caring, fun-loving, and genuine. Always.

Our Drive:
To compete for a Championship. Every year.
To field a team of aggressive and tough ball players.
To turn fans into fanatics.
To have fans who love our players and players who love our fans.
To support our community with our time and generosity.
To employ smart, dedicated people who are committed to enhancing our team, our fans, and our experience.
To never - win or lose - let a fan down.

Our Pledge:
To fans –
that every White Sox employee and player will be true to our city, our values, our community, and our promise that we will reward their loyalty with a baseball experience like no other.

The Chicago White Sox