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Barack Obama: First Fan

First Fan's First Pitch in D.C.
President Barack Obama - wearing his trademark White Sox cap - marked a 100-year tradition when he tossed the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday, April 5.
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Sox Visit First Fan in D.C.
Check out the exclusive photos from the White Sox visit to the White House in 2009 to see their biggest fan, the Commander in Chief.
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Obama calls Buehrle after perfect game
For the second week in a row, Mark Buehrle was in a ballpark being congratulated by the President of the United States.
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Obama makes pitch at All-Star Game and to fans
Before delivering the 2009 All-Star Game's first pitch and joining the broadcast booth, President Barack Obama addressed fans, encouraging them to volunteer in their communities.  Pastime's relevance notes by Obama »
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Sox glad to have First Fan in White House
In this exclusive, White Sox players share their thoughts on having a White Sox fan as the President of the United States.
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White Sox/Obama Photo Gallery
Check out our photo gallery of Obama throwing out the first pitch and enjoying the 2005 postseason.
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First Fan shows White Sox his house
The White Sox paid President Barack Obama a visit at the White House in April 2009.
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South Side Pride in the White House
Download the full page ad the White Sox put out to congratulate President-Elect Obama.
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Sox: Firsthand fondness for Obama
White Sox GM Kenny Williams, one of only two African-American general managers (along with the Angels' Tony Reagins), has known Obama for almost 10 years and even played basketball with him this summer.
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White Sox have friend in First Fan
Now that a true White Sox fan in Barack Obama has been elected to the nation's highest office, possibilities seem endless in regard to the official changes ahead for the franchise.
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Williams on Obama's presidency
White Sox GM Ken Williams sits down with Hal Bodley and discusses his own experience with the president elect Barack Obama.
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White Sox Executive Scott Reifert on Obama's presidency
Chicago White Sox director of communications discusses the club's relationship with President-elect Obama.
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South Siders ready to hail the Chief
Read about the festivities at U.S. Cellular Field to celebrate Sox fan Obama's inauguration
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Windy City focuses attention on Obama
White Sox fans gather to watch inauguration of 44th President
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Senator Obama congratulates the Chicago White Sox
Obama's statement on the senate floor after the 2005 World Series victory.
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