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Grinder Ball Rules - 2006
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Grinder Ball Rules - 2006

1) Win. Or die trying.
2) Be MVP, M T W T F S S
3) Bite worse than your bark.
4) Knowing what's coming and hitting what's coming--not the same thing.
5) Every pitch is full count. Every inning, the ninth. Every game, game seven.
6) The best seat in the house is often determined by the best players in the house.
7) Grinder ball requires speed, defense, and discipline. And immigration.
8) Play every game like it's your last.
9) Be realistic, expect miracles.
10) Only one statistic matters: W
11) When jumping on the White Sox bandwagon, do not, I repeat DO NOT, keep your hands and arms inside the wagon at any time.
12) There is only one acceptable reason not to hold onto the ball: Amputation
13) There is only one thing more valuable than ability. The ability to recognize it.
14) It's a mother's right to yell at her boys.
15) Be a highlight reel.
16) Level the playing field. Preferably while the other team's on it.
17) Never be satisfied with what you have achieved. It pales in comparison to what you can achieve.
18) NEVER be late for the National Anthem. No matter what nation you're from.
19) A reputation is not built on what you are going to do.
20) Hot dog vendors don't take credit.
21) Thieves will be punished. Swiftly, harshly and repeatedly.
22) When attending a Chicago White Sox game, don't blink.
23) When all is said and done, make sure you've "done" more than you said.
24) Play like there are no rules.ólike gravity for instance.
25) A good outfielder doesn't see the wall. He tastes it.
26) Your hitting should serve as a warning. To low flying aircraft.
27) If the fence won't come to you, go to the fence.
28) Always give fans something they can take away from the game. Like the other team's pride.
29) Play like a star. Never act like one.
30) Good enough, isn't.
31) Never swing at foolish pitches. Unless they're foolishly belt high, right down the middle.
32) Respect respect.
33) The best way to get out of a hole is to dig deeper.
34) For some, it's not a choice. It's genetic.
36) You can't spell "win" without a few "k's".
37) Never walk. Even when you walk.
38) You're either counted on or counted out.
39) Be a man. Play like a boy.
41) Never underestimate the power of power.
43) Step up to the plate even if you're not stepping up to the plate.
44) There is more to baseball than peanuts and cracker jacks.
45) The best defense is a good win.
46) Respect the past, people that are shoeless, and anyone named Joe.
47) Flying does not make you superman. Getting up and making the throw to first for the force out, now that makes you Superman.
49) There are no starting pitchers. Only finishing pitchers.
50) Be head and shoulders and arms and legs and spine and torso above the competition.
53) There are always willing players: Those willing to do whatever it takes to win. And those willing to watch them.
54) If you can't take the heat get out of the batter's box.
55) It's called stepping up to the plate for a reason.
57) There's power in numbers. Like #14, #23, #5, #24, #15, #25...
58) Never throw back a home run ball, even if it from the other team.
59) GO. GO. GO.
61) There is no "I" in team. But there is one in quit.
63) You don't have to be a coach to coach.
65) Do not sit in the leftfield bleachers, home to Scott Podsednik.
66) There is nothing loveable about losing.
69) There's always this year. (Well, and last year.)
71) If at first you succeed, repeat.
73) When bringing the family to a White Sox game know your limits.
74) Believe in magic. Not magic numbers.
75) Heroes aren't made. They're rotated.
76) Pitch. Hit. Win. Repeat.
78) Ixnay on talkin' about the ayoffsplay
88) Make history, history.
89) Taste victory and be hungry forever.
92) Interpretive dance at 101 M.P.H.
95) Be more than a one hit wonder.
96) Expect the unexpected at Guaranteed Rate field, home of the White Sox.
98) Batters should fear your fast ball. Not because it can get them out. Because it can knock them out.
99) Intimidation can come in the form of a screaming 99 MPH fastball or a screaming 9 year-old.
162) Crying in baseball is acceptable only if champagne burns your eyes.
174) Hoist the city up on your shoulders. They'll return the favor.