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Mazda Pride Crew - Andy


NAME: Andy

HOMETOWN: Streamwood, IL


SCHOOL & YEAR: Junior at Illinois State University studying Sports Psychology

DREAM JOB: Working for the White Sox as the Sports Psychologist.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ME: I am a trumpet player in ISU's Big Red Marching Machine.

HIDDEN TALENT: I absolutely love to cook. Cooking is one of my biggest passions, and you can always find me in the kitchen.

WALK-UP SONG: "Sixteen Saltines" by Jack White

FAVORITE CHICAGO ACTIVITY: Trying to find the best places to eat throughout the city, and of course, going to Sox games with my family.

FAVORITE WHITE SOX MEMORY: Going to Frank Thomas' first game against the White Sox where he hit two homeruns that game. He will always be my favorite Sox player, and it was incredible to see the support the fans gave him when he came up to bat each time that day.