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Mazda Pride Crew - Becky


NAME: Becky



SCHOOL & YEAR: Sophomore at Moraine Valley

DREAM JOB: I would love to be a neurosurgeon someday and travel the world volunteering in the medical field.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ME: My eyes change from different shades of green to blue throughout the day.

HIDDEN TALENT: I write with my left hand but I am actually ambidextrous!

WALK-UP SONG: Trap Queen -Fetty Wap

FAVORITE CHICAGO ACTIVITY: I love to go to music festivals, shop on Michigan Ave, and go to the beach with my friends all summer long!

FAVORITE WHITE SOX MEMORY: My favorite game was a home game against the Astros in 2006. The Sox were down but Tadahito Iguchi hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth to go into extra innings. My friends and family were on our feet in the pouring rain the entire game and despite their loss it was one of the greatest nights at the ballpark.