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Mazda Pride Crew - Christian


NAME: Christian



SCHOOL & YEAR: I am a graduate of Robert Morris University-IL where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and my Master's Degree in Sports Administration

PROFESSION: Office Clerk at Loop Paper Recycling and Street Team Member for Chicago Fire Soccer Club

DREAM JOB: Work in Marketing or Game Operations for any professional sports team

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ME: Been playing Hockey since the age of 5.

WALK-UP SONG: Cult of Personality - Living Colour

FAVORITE CHICAGO ACTIVITY: Exploring downtown Chicago, attending White Sox and Blackhawks games, spending time with my family, friends and my girlfriend.

FAVORITE WHITE SOX MEMORY: My favorite White Sox memory is when my dad and I were the only ones still up late to watch the White Sox win Game 4 and the World Series in 2005. Our reactions were priceless when we were jumping up and down and screaming at the top of our lungs, and waking up my mother and my sisters as they were happy to see the White Sox win the World Series. That has to be one of my favorite family and White Sox moments that I will never forget.