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Pride Crew - Getting to know Colleen and Mary


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Colleen and MaryFavorite memories growing up together:
Our favorite memory would have to be going to sporting events together. At a very early age, our mother enrolled us in many of the same sports. Even though we are two years apart in age, we were able to be on some of the same teams throughout our childhood. From ice skating, soccer, softball, and volleyball, playing the same sports has allowed us to help each other learn and grow as athletes, and has brought us closer together as sisters and friends.

Favorite memories together at the U of I:
Disney movie Sunday as a part of our traditional "Sister Sunday" - it was our ongoing tradition while we were both in Champaign attending the University of Illinois. Each Sunday we would watch Disney movies (after homework of course), eat lots of great food, and spend time together. Needless to say, we can recite line for line Hercules and the Lion King.

How you both developed a passion for baseball:
We were both introduced to the game of baseball at a very young age, and grew up watching and learning about the game from our older brother, Patrick. We both eagerly looked forward to every game he played and loved going to watch and support him. All our childhood, he was our favorite baseball player and we were his #1 fans. From tee ball, to going to watch and work for the White Sox, we have grown up with a deep appreciation and a love for watching the game.

Favorite Sox memory together:
As sisters, our first Sox game together as children is our favorite Sox memory thus far. As children, it was a fascination with the park, the players, and the game. Everything from the excitement of the fans walking in, to the smell of the ballpark, to the intensity of the game was what we fell in love with as children, and it is a love that continues to grow at every game we participate in as adults.

Why you both wanted to work for the Pride Crew:
Colleen: The magic of the ballpark. There is something about going to baseball games on Friday nights that ruminates with fans of all ages and to enhance that experience even just a little bit is more fulfilling than anything!
Mary: My sister Colleen inspired me to apply for the CPC. After hearing about her experiences and how she was able to make an impact with the fans, I was motivated to apply for the position in hopes that I could share my love and enthusiasm for the White Sox with others.

Favorite memory working together on the Pride Crew:
Working our first game together was amazing. Having the opportunity to work as a part of the Pride Crew together at the ballpark for the first time was one of the greatest memories we have ever shared together.

What Colleen says about Mary:
My sister, Mary, is the best role model I could ever hope for. From sharing secrets to helping me with my homework, she has always been my best friend through the good times and the bad. Working as a member of the Pride Crew is my favorite part of summer and to share it with my best friend is an experience unlike any other.

What Mary says about Colleen:
I have always looked up to Colleen's ability to influence and inspire other people. From a very young age, she distinguished herself as a leader amongst her peers and continues to do so every day. She is truly an amazing woman and I admire her in more ways than she knows. Being a part of the Price Crew with my sister has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

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