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Mazda Pride Crew - Kaitie


NAME: Kaitie - aka Red aka KG

HOMETOWN: Westchester, IL


SCHOOL & YEAR: Lewis University, second (and final) year of grad school; Christian Brothers University alumna

PROFESSION: Professional part-timer; Marketing

DREAM JOB: Honestly, if I could, I would make a career out of what I do for the White Sox.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ME: I've been every hair color except for green. I've broken seven bones, and been on crutches eighteen times. I've also been to over half the states, three other countries, and one other continent.

HIDDEN TALENT: I can do the wave with my eyebrows.

WALK-UP SONG: Victorious by Panic! At The Disco

FAVORITE CHICAGO ACTIVITY: Going to concerts at the House of Blues and eating at Yolk

FAVORITE WHITE SOX MEMORY: My favorite memory happened last year with two fans, Chris and James. Long story short, Chris and James were an ever-so-sweet reminder that our Crew exists to support the fans. It was also a reminder of how wonderful our organization is. I couldn't be more grateful for being a part of the White Sox family. Hope to see you guys there this season, Chris and James!