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Mazda Pride Crew - Nicole


NAME: Nicole

HOMETOWN: Manhattan, IL

SEASONS WITH THE PRIDE CREW: 2nd, and I couldn't be any more excited!

SCHOOL & YEAR: I am a senior at Illinois State University.

DREAM JOB: To work with young cancer patients at a hospital.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ME: An interesting fact about me is that I have been to every baseball stadium except for Wrigley. It was an awesome experience and I suggest it to anyone who loves baseball.

WALK-UP SONG: Anything Goes- Florida Georgia Line

FAVORITE CHICAGO ACTIVITY: I love going downtown Chicago with a group of friends and just walking around the city. I always feel like a tourist no matter how many times I go. Sporting events are also something to look forward to in Chicago as well. The atmosphere is unreal!

FAVORITE WHITE SOX MEMORY: My favorite White Sox memory is definitely going to the 05 World Series parade. It was an awesome experience being surrounded by thousands of people that share the same love for the White Sox.