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Pride Crew Alumni - Nikki

Name: Nikki

Seasons with the Pride Crew: 2007-2011

What is your favorite White Sox memory?
Although I have many great memories from spending 5 seasons at Guaranteed Rate Field, my absolute favorite White Sox memory is from before I became a member of the Pride Crew. During the final game of the 2005 World Series, my friends and I packed into a car and drove from Benedictine University in Lisle to Bridgeport so we could celebrate the big win with hundreds of other fans on the Southside. I'll never forget the excitement of that night!

What do you miss about working at Guaranteed Rate Field and/or the Pride Crew?
One of the things I loved most about working on the Pride Crew was being a part of the many theme nights held at Guaranteed Rate Field. As silly as it may be, I miss dressing in "old school" clothing for 70's or 80's Night, impersonating the King on Elvis Night, wearing a huge sunflower on my head for Kids' Day Costume Party, putting on a hula skirt and lei for Beach Bash, and rocking a mullet, bandana, and flannel for Mullet Night. Looking goofy and putting a smile on a fan's face, all while cheering on the White Sox, made those games unforgettably fun!

Where do you currently reside?
Since I was born and raised a Southsider, I bought my first home with my husband in the Garfield Ridge area on the Southside of Chicago.

What is your regular full-time job?
I am a 6th grade classroom teacher in Bridgeview, IL. I spend my weekdays teaching reading, writing, math, social studies, and science to a group of 24 bright, lively, and unique 6th graders.

What life changes have you experienced since you worked at the ballpark?
Since my last season with the Pride Crew in 2011, I got engaged on December 23, 2011 and married my wonderful husband, Bob, on December 28, 2012.

Who is your favorite White Sox player of all time?
Ozzie Guillen is definitely my favorite White Sox player of all time. I'll never forget watching him play shortstop when I attended my first Sox game as a little girl, and I'll always remember him for leading the Sox to a World Series Championship in 2005. He was such a family favorite in my house, that we even named our family dog, a black and white shih-tzu, Ozzie!


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