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Gordon Beckham

Gordon Beckham

1. High-five or fist bump?
Fist bump

2. What is your favorite possession?
My farm and dog Dixie

3. What is your favorite thing to do on an off-day?

4. What is something that you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to yet?
Attend the Masters

5. What scares you?
The dark

6. Which current White Sox player would make the best President of the United States?
Jim Thome

7. If you could have any player (past or present) as a teammate, who would you choose and why?
Mickey Mantle

8. What inspires you?
People who have fun playing baseball

9. If you could travel anywhere outside the country where would it be?
New Zealand

10. What is your favorite movie that came out in the last year?
"The Hangover"

11. If you could be a character on any television show, who would it be?
Jerry Seinfeld ("Seinfeld")

12. What is your ringtone?

13. What is your favorite place to eat in Chicago?
Berry Chill

14. What is one rule you would change in baseball?
No infield-fly rule

15. What is your favorite website?

15. What is the best concert/show/live performance you've seen?
Luke Bryan

16. What is your favorite video game?