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All-time Owners

Owners Date
Jerry Reinsdorf, in concert with Eddie Einhorn, heads a group that purchases the White Sox from Bill Veeck. The American League had earlier denied Edward DeBartolo's bid (Aug. 22, 1980) to purchase the club because of DeBartolo's racing holdings. January 29, 1981
Bill Veeck re-acquires the White Sox from John Allyn, after American League owners reverse their former position and accept Veeck's bid. December 10, 1975
John Allyn purchases the White Sox from his brother Arthur. June 10, 1961
Arthur Allyn Jr. assumes ownership of the White Sox after Bill Veeck sells his interests to Allyn. A year later, Chuck Comiskey sells his minority interest in the club to Allyn. June 10, 1961
Bill Veeck and his partners gain majority control of the White Sox after a lengthy court battle with the Comiskey family. December 20, 1958
Controlling interest of the White Sox passes to Grace Comiskey's daughter Dorothy following Comiskey's death. December 10, 1956
A judge awards ownership of the White Sox to Grace Comiskey, widow of J. Louis, denying a petition by the First National Bank of Chicago to seek bids to sell the club. J. Louis Comiskey died on July 18, 1939. February 19, 1940
J. Louis Comiskey inherits the White Sox after the death of his father, Charles Comiskey. October 26, 1931
Charles Comiskey moves the Western League's St. Paul Saints to Chicago as a charter member of the American League. March 21, 1900