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  Uniforms: 1906 - Present
1906  - The 1906 uniform, worn by the "hitless wonders," was entirely white except for a dark blue, Roman style "C" on the home jersey.
1912  - In 1912, the best known team emblem design was first displayed on home uniforms. The jersey featured a large "S" encircling a small "o" and "x" on the left breast. The uniform also featured navy blue pinstripes.
1917  - In 1917, a small American flag was worn on the left sleeve to symbolize baseball's support of the war effort. The team also donned a special red, white and blue uniform for the World Series.
1932  - The 1932 season introduce an all new look. A new arrangement of the "S-O-X" letters intertwined diagonally with a baseball and bat.
1939  - The 1939 jerseys had a zipper front and featured thick red piping. The new rendition of the "S-O-X" insignia used an extra large squared "S" in solid red bordered in navy. Caps were navy with a square white "C."
1951  - The "Go-Go Sox" era began with a uniform featuring black pinstripes and a touch of red trim. The "S-O-X" insignia used a modified Gothic style for the letters and rearranged them in an overlapping downward slope.
1969  - The home uniform was without pinstripes for the first time in nearly two decades and featured blue trim. The team wore blue sanitary sox with white stirrups.
1971  - In 1971, it was time for another new look — bright red. The zippered jerseys featured red pinstripes and the shoes, caps and stirrups were also red.
1976  - One of baseball's most innovative uniform ideas came from Bill Veeck in 1976. Pull-over jerseys were worn pajama style outside the trousers, and featured a v-neck simulated collar. Shirts and trousers were navy blue and could be intermixed. "CHICAGO" lettering was a throwback to bygone days.
1982  - The White Sox donned another combination of unique uniforms. A red, navy and white color scheme highlighted a forward-looking design, void of tradition. Pull-over, double-knit jerseys featured horizontal "S-0-X" lettering covering the full expanse of the of the frontal area.
1991  - A new Comiskey Park opened and the White Sox returned to the look of the 1950s. Black returned as the primary color, with a touch of silver trim. A secondary jersey in solid black created the marketing slogan, "Good guys wear black."
1999  - The White Sox made a comfortable addition to their home attire with a sleeveless jersey which harkened back to baseball in the 1950s.