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2016 Chicago White Sox® Season Ticket Holders

2016 Renewal Incentives

Fans who extend their commitment with the Chicago White Sox and meet all payment deadlines are eligible to receive these great benefits:

In-season appreciation events
To show our appreciation for your commitment, Season Ticket Holders will receive invitations to exclusive in-season Season Ticket Holder Appreciation events. These events include exclusive meet & greets with current players and/or coaches and in-game events in our many Party Areas - such as the PrivateBank Fan Deck, Diamond Suites, Club Level Terrace and more!

Pre-season renewal party
All Season Ticket Holders will be invited to attend exclusive pre-season events at ChiSox Bar and Grill!

Complimentary FirstMerit Bank Stadium Club membership
Season Ticket Holders located in the Diamond Box, Platinum Box, and Gold Box (sections 119, 120, 144, 145 rows 1-10) will receive a free membership to the FirstMerit Bank Stadium Club. The complimentary membership is offered Monday - Thursday, with the option to add on Friday-Sunday passes for the season for $500.

Renewal gift
Season Ticket Holders will receive an exclusive 2016 Renewal Gift.


Online Ticketing

The White Sox focus on making our customer service and the fan gameday experience second to none. With that in mind, the White Sox provide two easy ways to access your game tickets.

White Sox Online Ticketing allows you to enjoy many unique benefits, including:

  • Access your tickets through your White Sox Account Manager through a computer or smart phone.
  • Convenient online ticket management to print, forward, and sell your tickets.
  • Control and distribution when sharing your tickets with others.
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen or forgotten tickets.
  • Quick and easy mobile entry into U.S. Cellular Field using a smart phone.
  • Manage your tickets even earlier than ever.

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2016 Renewal Benefits

Fans who extend their commitment with the Chicago White Sox and meet all payment deadlines are eligible to receive these great benefits:

Season Ticket Holder Benefits Full Season Split Season
White Sox Online Ticketing
Option to purchase tickets for postseason games All potential home games All ALDS, 1 ALCS, 1 World Series
Promotional items mailed to you  
Season Ticket Holder Attendance Rewards Program
Season Ticket Holder Exchange Program
Season Ticket Holder Seniority Pin
Savings off the individual ticket price
Specially priced parking
Exclusive gifts
2016 White Sox Media Guide
Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Events
Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Preseason Events
Personal Client Service Executive
Access to My White Sox Account online
Resell your tickets via StubHub/”My White Sox Account”
Specially priced Diamond Suites and Patio parties
Opportunity to purchase Stadium Club membership
Sox Charge Line access
Inside access to team news

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2016 Season Ticket Holder Attendance Rewards Program

The Chicago White Sox appreciate your support as a Season Ticket Holder and want to reward your loyalty. For 2016, you can earn credit toward future season ticket plans simply by using your season tickets this year. The more games you attend, the more you earn!

  Attendance Discount
Percentage of 2016 Season Ticket Plan games
attended during the season
Full Season (81 games) Partial Season (80-15 games)
100% 5% 5%
Less than 100% and ≥95% 4% 4%
Less than 95% and ≥90% 3% 3%
Less than 90% and ≥85% 2% none
Less than 85% and ≥80% 1% none

Example: John Doe has four Split Season tickets (27 games), so he has 108 total tickets. If John uses 100 of his tickets over the course of the regular season (92.6%), he would receive 3% of what he paid for those four season tickets toward his 2017 season ticket purchase.

You are automatically enrolled in this Rewards Program, and we will keep you updated on your status throughout the season!

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Season Ticket Pricing
Seat Location Full Season
(81 games)
Split Season Plans
(27 games)
% Off
Hit &
% Off
% Off
  Diamond Box $4,536 28.51% - - - -
  Platinum Box $4,133 25.33% - - - -
  Gold Box (Section 121-143 Rows 26+) $3,684 25.59% - - - -
  Gold Box (Section 144, 145, 119, 120 Rows 11+) $3,210 35.35% - - - -
  Premium Club Box $3,684 25.55% - - - -
  Club Box $3,441 24.26% $1,408 9% $1,410 9%
  Lower Box $2,916 16.16% $1,026 13% $1,026 13%
  Outfield Reserved $1,702 12.85% $621 13% $621 2%
  Lower Corners $1,676 - $598 - $538 -
  Bleachers $1,540 15.24% $567 14% $567 6%
  Premium Upper Box $1,540 14.11% $540 16% $540 8%
  Upper Box $1,053 24.30% $378 26% $378 17%
  Upper Reserved $810 26.43% $297 26% $297 22%
  Upper Corners $615 - $225 - $201 -

* % Off Individual Base Line Price

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The following information is available to assist with the management of your Season Tickets (PDF, requires Adobe Reader).

Full Season Exchange   Split Season Exchange   Charge Authorization   STH Playbook

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How to Manage My Tickets

For help managing your tickets through Online Ticketing, please read these intructions (PDF, requires Adobe Reader).

How to Print Tickets   How to Transfer Tickets   How to Cancel Tickets

  How to Transfer on Mobile   How to View on Mobile   How to Cancel on Mobile

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Payment Options

In an effort to provide our Season Ticket Holders with a payment plan that best fits their needs, we are offering three different payment options for the 2016 season.

OPTION 1: Full Payment
Pay in full by Thursday, December 3, 2015 via check, cash or credit card.

OPTION 2: Standard Payment
Pay 50% of the value of your season package by Thursday, December 3, 2015 with the remaining 50% due on Thursday, February 25, 2016.

OPTION 3: Flex Payment (credit card only)
Pay 35% of the value of your season package by Thursday, December 3, 2015
35% by Thursday, February 25, 2016
30% by Friday, April 1, 2016

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Contact Us

Thomas Bassett
Client Service Executive
(312) 674-5326

Troy White
Client Service Executive
(312) 674-5353

Tom Sheridan
Senior Director of Ticket Sales
(312) 674-5340

Adam Delgado
Client Service Executive
(312) 674-5352

Maggie Marshall
Senior Coordinator of Ticket Sales
(312) 674-5331

Kelli Linneman
Client Service Executive
(312) 674-5329

Rich Kuchar
Senior Manager of Ticket Sales & Client Services
(312) 674-5363

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