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Comerica Park Ground Rules

Batted ball hitting foul pole or attached screen: FAIR BALL

Thrown or fairly batted ball that goes behind field tarp and remains: 2 BASES
Ball rebounding into playing field: IN PLAY

Thrown balls that enter the dugouts, adjacent camera pits, or seating area: 2 BASES

Batted fly balls caught in any area of the dugout: OUT OF PLAY
Batted fly balls caught on the warning track, the player catching the ball then steps into the dugout step area: FAIR BALL - OUT

Ball passing through or under the bullpen fence: 2 BASES

Pitched ball sticking or remaining in backstop or advertising board: 1 BASE
Thrown ball: 2 BASES

Batted ball striking padding on flagpole: HOME RUN

Striking padding and caroming into stands: HOME RUN

Striking above padding: HOME RUN


Comerica Park Dimensions
Left-field fence, 345 feet
Left-field power alley, 370 feet
Center field, 420 feet
Right-field power alley, 365 feet
Right-field fence, 330 feet