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Derrick Hall
Derrick Hall had CEO added to his title in January 2009 after serving as president for parts of three seasons.

Chat with D-backs' Hall May 1

Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall will hold his next monthly chat with fans Thursday, May 1, at 5 p.m. ET. Register now with to take part.

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Upcoming Chat Schedule
Guest Team Date Time
Derrick Hall D-backs 5/1 5 p.m.
BTF MLB 6/6 3 p.m.
BTF MLB 9/3 3 p.m.
BTF MLB 12/1 3 p.m.
All chats are Eastern Time and are subject to change.
Past Transcripts
Guest Team Date Pos./Title
BTF MLB 3/28 -
Derrick Hall D-Backs 12/12 President
Luis Gonzalez D-Backs 11/7 Special Assistant
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