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Player Programs


Adrian Gonzalez's Viva Los Dodgers Day takes place every Sunday home game and provide all-inclusive Coca-Cola All-You-Can-Eat Right Field Pavilion tickets and parking for families in the greater Los Angeles area by partnering with various non-profit organizations. Families are also invited to attend the Viva Los Dodgers festival for entertainment prior to the game and possible meet-and-greet with Gonzalez.

Adrian Gonzalez's Viva Los Dodgers


Founded by Clayton and Ellen Kershaw, Kershaw's Challenge exists to encourage people to use whatever God-given passion, purpose or talent they have been given to make a difference and give back to others in need, believing in the transformation of at-risk children and communities through the benevolence and impact of others.

Kershaw is "Striking out to Serve." Each time he strikes out an opponent during the 2013 MLB season, he will donate $500 to his foundation, Kershaw's Challenge. Kershaw's personal support has been primarily focused on assisting at-risk children and providing valuable resources for communities in need. The three organizations with which Kershaw's Challenge is working this 2013 season are Arise Africa, Mercy Street Ministries and ShareFest. For more information or to join Kershaw's Strike Out to Serve campaign go to

Kershaw's Challenge

J.P. Howell's Discover Your Path

Discover Your Path helps kids feel confident in choosing the right direction for their lives. JP and his wife Heather were fortunate to have strong role models in their lives, and now they hope to be a positive influence for the next generation. For more information visit

Discover Your Path