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Directions and Parking

Your Guide to Getting to the Ballpark

Map Key - Red PARKING

There are 20,000 parking spots within five blocks of the ballpark, including nearly 8,000 spaces in the A, B & C Ramps. Enhancements to the A, B & C Ramps, largely to improve fan ingress and egress, wil be completed in advance of the opening of the ballpark. Both A and B Ramps offer direct connection to the ballpark via skyway or walkway, and are connected to the Minneapolis skyway system.

Map Key - Green LIGHT RAIL

The Hiawatha Line, Central Corridor and proposed Southwest Corridor, high-speed rail to Duluth, etc. all converge at the ballpark site. In future years additional transit lines, including the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit connecting downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, will converge at the ballpark, making it one of the most accessible parks in professional sports.


The Northstar Commuter Line will converge at the ballpark site.

Map Key - Purple BIKE TRAIL

Transportation routes to the ballpark will include the Cedar Lake Bike Trail.

Map Key - Bus logo BUS

Transportation to the ballpark includes a Metro Transit bus hub at the ballpark site.


Both the I-94 & I-394 driving routes will provide direct driving routes to the new ballpark.

Map Key - Dark Purple SKYWAY

In addition to the several transportation routes, the Minnesota Skyway system will have entrances to the new ballpark site.