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355Heyman, GrantPittsford Sutherland HS (NY)OFL/R6'04"1851993-11-07HS 
362Henning, ClaytonSt Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)CFL/L6'03"1801993-11-09HS 
392Hawkins, TaylorCarl Albert HS (OK)CR/R5'11"1881993-09-17HS 
210Heyer, KurtArizonaRHPR/R6'03"2001991-01-23JR 
448Hollick, TylerChandler Gilbert CCCFL/R6'01"1851992-09-16J2 
431Hebert, BrockSoutheastern Louisiana University2BR/R5'10"1801991-05-11JR 
401Hauser, BlakeVirginia Commonwealth URHPR/R6'02"1801991-04-14JR 
Comments: Hauser has worked out of the bullpen at VCU and has the potential to be a shutdown closer. This year, Hauser has stuck out close to two batters an inning and hasn't walked many. He has shown a fastball that sits in the mid 90s, along with a slider that could be a plus pitch in the future. He does use his slider often, and that could hurt him in pro ball. Other than that, he could move quickly through the Minors and be in the big leagues in short order.
251Halamandaris, NickStevenson School (CA)1BL/L6'01"2201994-01-06HS 
375Harrelson, DrewBerrien County HS (GA)LHPL/L6'06"1851994-06-06HS 
406Harlan, ThomasFresno StateLHPL/L6'06"2151990-03-07SR 
439House, AustinNew MexicoRHPR/R6'04"2101991-01-24JR 
259Hall, KrisLee UniversityRHPR/R6'03"2101991-06-08JR 
Comments: After transferring from Cleveland State, Hall has become NAIA Lee's ace. The right-hander has hit 97 mph with his fastball and consistently sits in the low-to-mid 90's. He also has a plus pitch in his slider, and he throws a hard curveball. Some scouts think that with his frame he could be a relief pitcher, but the team that drafts him will definitely give him a chance to start after he posted a 1.52 ERA and struck out 115 in 94 2/3 innings as a starter. His profile may limit his Draft stock a bit, but there's no question teams will be interested in his size and arm strength.
30Hensley, TyEdmond Santa Fe HS (OK)RHPS/R6'04"2201993-07-30HS 
Comments: It's unlikely Oklahoma will see a bounty like it did in 2011, when local prepsters Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley went in the top 10 of the Draft. It will be up to Hensley to represent the Sooner state and he should do just fine.Hensley has a fastball that's a tick above average, sitting 91-92 mph, and he can reach back for more, hitting 94 mph when he needs to. He has a hard curve with good downer rotation when he throws it right, though sometimes he drops his arm angle and it becomes a bit slurvy. His changeup is below-average right now, but he hasn't used it much and with more experience, it should be a usuable pitch in the future. He generally throws strikes and is very confident on the mound.Some of Hensley's issues stem from mechanics that can be cleaned up with time and experience. Strong and durable, Hensley may not have the ceiling of his Oklahoma predecessors, but he profiles as a very good starting pitcher at the next level.
Enhanced Scouting Report
38Haniger, MitchCal Poly - San Luis ObispoOFR/R6'02"1801990-12-23JR 
Comments: In a year that is not known for college bats, Haniger's ability to hit with power has many teams intrigued with the Cal Poly outfielder. Strong and muscular, Haniger hits from a wide, open stance with plus bat speed and a slight uppercut that allows him to drive the ball to all fields when he makes contact. He's been doing that more consistently this year, showing improved plate discipline to improve his overall offensive game. There's enough loft and strength where he could hit 25 homers annually at the next level. Not a burner, Haniger is a heady baserunner who picks his spots to run. While he plays center field for Cal Poly, he'll be better suited for right. He has a plus arm and his power certainly profiles well for what teams look for in the position. There's going to be some swing and miss to his game, but the power, his arm and his aggressive style of play give him the chance to be an everyday Major League right fielder in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report
9Heaney, AndrewOklahoma StateLHPL/L6'02"1741991-06-05JR 
Comments: When Heaney was coming out of high school in Oklahoma, he and Chad James were the top prep lefties in the state and both were highly thought of. James went in the first round and signed. Heaney, because of signability, slid and went on to Oklahoma State.Teams aren't likely to pass on him this time around. Heaney still has the easy arm action scouts loved in high school and he repeats his delivery consistently. He also has the chance to have three solid-average to plus Major League pitches. He maintains his velocity deep into starts and can run it up to 93 mph at times, plus for a southpaw. His curve is an out pitch, with sharp depth and bite. His changeup is very deceptive and has late sink.He has advanced pitchability, throwing all three offerings for strikes and mixing them well to keep hitters guessing. Pitchability lefties always do well on Draft day. When they have good stuff to go with that, they get followed very closely.
Enhanced Scouting Report
403Haynes, HunterMexico Sr. HS (MO)LHPL/L5'09"1751994-02-12HS 
399Holmes, BrianWake ForestLHPL/L6'04"2051991-01-30JR 
249Heineman, TylerUC Los AngelesCS/R5'11"2051991-06-19JR 
263Hamrick, CalebCedar Hill HS (TX)RHPR/R6'02"2101993-09-25HS 
202Hudson, JosephNotre DameCR/R6'01"2051991-05-21JR 
434Hoffner, CorbinSt Petersburg ColRHPR/R6'05"2351993-07-30J1 
254Heesch, MichaelUniversity of South Carolina BeaufortLHPR/L6'05" 1990-05-15SR 
13Hawkins, CourtneyCarroll HS (TX)OFR/R6'03"2201993-11-12HS 
Comments: The Texas high school product was shooting up draft boards as the 2012 spring season began, thanks to a very successful summer. While he pitches and will touch 90 mph, his future is in the outfield. He has some swing-and-miss to his game, but he does have power. He has shown the ability to hit any fastball and can show pop to all fields, though he needs to improve his approach at the plate, where his over-aggressiveness leads to those misses. An average to a tick-above-average runner, he'll play center field for his high school team, but with his size, strength, power profile and at-least-average arm, the University of Texas commit profiles best as a corner outfielder in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report
321Hardin, BrandonDelta St URHPR/R6'00"2001990-02-17SR 
201Hansen, KyleSt. JohnsRHPR/R6'08"2151991-04-20JR 
Comments: In 2005, Craig Hansen was a first-round pick out of St. John's as a college reliever. Now it's his younger brother's turn. Kyle Hansen is a starter right now, but he might follow his big bro as a relief pitcher at the next level. His deceptive delivery allows his solid average to above-average fastball play up. He couples it with a sweeping slider that gets right-handed hitters to chase. He even has a changeup, which could be a Major League average pitch if he begins to use it more. All arms and legs, Hansen's mechanics can come apart a bit, impacting his command. He pitched effectively out of the pen in the Cape Cod League last summer, and if he harnesses his stuff and delivery, he could have a ton of potential in that role.
Enhanced Scouting Report
211Haley, JustinFresno StateRHPR/R6'05"2301991-06-16JR 
312Hutter, JoelDallas Baptist USSR/R6'01"2101990-02-28SR 
419Hyatt, NathanAppalachian St URHPR/R5'10"1951990-09-26JR 
Hutting, AnthonyCal State - FullertonCFL/L5'11"1801991-04-07JR 
Hutchison, RyanWestern KentuckyOFR/R6'04"2101989-12-21SR 
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First Round

  • 1. Houston Astros
  • 2. Minnesota Twins
  • 3. Seattle Mariners
  • 4. Baltimore Orioles
  • 5. Kansas City Royals
  • 6. Chicago Cubs
  • 7. San Diego Padres
  • 8. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 9. Miami Marlins
  • 10. Colorado Rockies
  • 11. Oakland Athletics
  • 12. New York Mets
  • 13. Chicago White Sox
  • 14. Cincinnati Reds
  • 15. Cleveland Indians
  • 16. Washington Nationals
  • 17. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 18. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 19. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols - LAA)
  • 20. San Francisco Giants
  • 21. Atlanta Braves
  • 22. Toronto Blue Jays (T. Beede - unsigned)
  • 23. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 24. Boston Red Sox
  • 25. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 26. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 27. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder - DET)
  • 28. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 29. Texas Rangers
  • 30. New York Yankees
  • 31. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon - PHI)

Comp Round A

  • 32. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer - COL)
  • 33. San Diego Padres (H. Bell - MIA)
  • 34. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham - MIN)
  • 35. New York Mets (J. Reyes - MIA)
  • 36. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols - LAA)
  • 37. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon - PHI)
  • 38. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder - DET)
  • 39. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson - LAA)
  • 40. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson - CIN)
  • 41. Houston Astros (C. Barmes - PIT)
  • 42. Minnesota Twins (J. Kubel - ARI)
  • 43. Chicago Cubs (A. Ramirez - MIL)
  • 44. San Diego Padres (A. Harang - LAD)
  • 45. Pittsburgh Pirates (R. Doumit - MIN)
  • 46. Colorado Rockies (M. Ellis - LAD)
  • 47. Oakland Athletics (D. De Jesus - CHC)
  • 48. Chicago White Sox (M. Buehrle - MIA)
  • 49. Cincinnati Reds (R. Hernandez - COL)
  • 50. Toronto Blue Jays (F. Francisco - NYM)
  • 51. Los Angeles Dodgers (R. Barajas - PIT)
  • 52. St. Louis Cardinals (O. Dotel - DET)
  • 53. Texas Rangers (D. Oliver - TOR)
  • 54. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Ibanez - NYY)
  • 55. San Diego Padres (B. Austin - unsigned)
  • 56. Chicago Cubs (C. Pena - TB)
  • 57. Cincinnati Reds (F. Cordero - TOR)
  • 58. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Rauch - NYM)
  • 59. St. Louis Cardinals (E. Jackson - WAS)
  • 60. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Molina - TB)

Second Round

  • 61. Houston Astros
  • 62. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham - MIN)
  • 63. Minnesota Twins
  • 64. Seattle Mariners
  • 65. Baltimore Orioles
  • 66. Kansas City Royals
  • 67. Chicago Cubs
  • 68. San Diego Padres
  • 69. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 70. San Diego Padres (H. Bell - MIA)
  • 71. New York Mets (J. Reyes - MIA)
  • 72. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer - COL)
  • 73. Colorado Rockies
  • 74. Oakland Athletics
  • 75. New York Mets
  • 76. Chicago White Sox
  • 77. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson - CIN)
  • 78. Cincinnati Reds
  • 79. Cleveland Indians
  • 80. Washington Nationals
  • 81. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 82. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 83. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson - LAA)
  • 84. San Francisco Giants
  • 85. Atlanta Braves
  • 86. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 87. Boston Red Sox
  • 88. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 89. New York Yankees (S. Stafford - unsigned)
  • 90. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 91. Detroit Tigers
  • 92. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 93. Texas Rangers
  • 94. New York Yankees
  • 95. Philadelphia Phillies

Third Round

  • 96. Houston Astros
  • 97. Minnesota Twins
  • 98. Seattle Mariners
  • 99. Baltimore Orioles
  • 100. Kansas City Royals
  • 101. Chicago Cubs
  • 102. San Diego Padres
  • 103. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 104. Miami Marlins
  • 105. Colorado Rockies
  • 106. Oakland Athletics
  • 107. New York Mets
  • 108. Chicago White Sox
  • 109. Cincinnati Reds
  • 110. Cleveland Indians
  • 111. Washington Nationals
  • 112. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 113. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 114. Los Angeles Angels
  • 115. San Francisco Giants
  • 116. Atlanta Braves
  • 117. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 118. Boston Red Sox
  • 119. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 120. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 121. Detroit Tigers
  • 122. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 123. Texas Rangers
  • 124. New York Yankees
  • 125. Philadelphia Phillies

Comp Round B

  • 126. Seattle Mariners (K. Cron - unsigned)
  • 127. Miami Marlins (C. Barron - unsigned)
  • 128. Colorado Rockies (P. O'Brien - unsigned)

Rounds 4-40

  • 129. Houston Astros
  • 130. Minnesota Twins
  • 131. Seattle Mariners
  • 132. Baltimore Orioles
  • 133. Kansas City Royals
  • 134. Chicago Cubs
  • 135. San Diego Padres
  • 136. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 137. Miami Marlins
  • 138. Colorado Rockies
  • 139. Oakland Athletics
  • 140. New York Mets
  • 141. Chicago White Sox
  • 142. Cincinnati Reds
  • 143. Cleveland Indians
  • 144. Washington Nationals
  • 145. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 146. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 147. Los Angeles Angels
  • 148. San Francisco Giants
  • 149. Atlanta Braves
  • 150. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 151. Boston Red Sox
  • 152. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 153. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 154. Detroit Tigers
  • 155. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 156. Texas Rangers
  • 157. New York Yankees
  • 158. Philadelphia Phillies
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