CHICAGO -- Jake Peavy is scheduled to make his next rehab start on Thursday for Triple-A Charlotte in Toledo, Ohio, with a target of 100 pitches. Peavy then could return to the White Sox on May 10 in Anaheim against the Angels -- the same team he faced when the detached lat occurred at home last July.

With the White Sox possibly employing a six-man rotation from time to time and Philip Humber looking as strong as any starter through April, the White Sox could use Peavy on Humber's day of May 11 in Anaheim and pair the two together. The White Sox also could back up Peavy to the first game in Oakland on May 13, using that six-man formation right from the start.

GM Williams keeping positive attitude

CHICAGO -- Fans looking for hitting coach Greg Walker or even manager Ozzie Guillen to eventually be made scapegoats for the White Sox slow start will have to wait a while judging by Ken Williams' comments on Monday.

The White Sox general manager told how after just one month's worth of action, he's done talking about pointing the finger of blame at certain individuals.

"There's just simply no reason to continue to address or answer those questions," said a positive-sounding Williams, sitting in the home dugout prior to the series finale with the Orioles. "If it keeps going, it just gives it more and more life.

"A month into the season, it just is what it is. It isn't necessary to point fingers. My message to these guys has been stick together, stay away from the papers and stay away from the radio and the TV. Keep your head down and grind it out. You've got the ability and the talent, the track records, that over the course of time, will prove to get us back in this thing."

Under the ownership of White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and during the leadership period of Williams and Guillen, the organization has let coaches go only if they weren't doing their job.

And as Williams pointed out, coaching changes don't always provide the desired positive push.

"Not all the time," Williams said. "If I felt like a change would boost everything, I would make a change today with all of [the coaching staff]. When the next slump came, I would bring them all back."

Teahen's improved D gets him playing time

CHICAGO -- The .919 fielding percentage posted by Mark Teahen at third base during the 2010 season was the worst of his seven-year professional career. As a further example, Teahen committed 10 errors out of 124 chances last year compared to 11 errors over 248 chances at the same position for the Royals in '09.

Teahen, who signed a three-year, $14 million extension with the White Sox before the 2010 season, even said his self-admitted defensive woes became synonymous with the team's slow start last season. One year later, Teahen is getting more playing time at third partially because of rookie Brent Morel's early struggles on offense, but also because he has been earning them with his glove.

"That's the reason you're going to see him more often on the field," said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen of Teahen, adding how he has improved "100 percent" defensively. "The way he's swinging the bat will help him. But I think anybody that can catch the ball has a better opportunity in the big leagues."

"I'm just trying to do a good job when I get those shots at third base so I get a few more shots," said Teahen, who made his seventh start at third base on Monday. "It's nice to actually be playing over there and doing well and playing like I know I can."

Teahen started 2010 with elbow soreness during Spring Training and then missed two months during the season due to a fracture at the tip of his right middle finger. He worked extensively in the offseason to get as much quickness back as he could at the position, along with regaining the confidence he possessed when he played third base in Kansas City.

"It was kind of weird for me coming from a place where I had been five years and people knew what I could do there," Teahen said. "Then coming here, it was almost as if the first five years were forgotten.

"A bad stretch of a month or month and a half was the only thing people here knew. I know I'm still kind of battling the other direction on that, but it's nice to be feeling healthy and go out and do some things and do it well."

Jackson feels the military spirit

CHICAGO -- Edwin Jackson was with a military friend on a vacation pass in Chicago on Sunday night when news of Osama bin Laden's death was released.

"He had a bright and early flight this morning headed back to Fort Benning, [Ga.], because they were putting the base on lock," said Jackson of his Army friend.

The White Sox starter is familiar with Fort Benning, having lived there from 1991-96 when his father, Edwin Sr., served as cook manager and ran the mess hall. Jackson's father never had to go to war during his 23 years of service -- a fact that the younger Jackson is thankful for -- but he knows there was plenty of celebrating going on throughout the military when the news broke.

"It has been a decade looking for this guy," said Jackson, who ran a baseball clinic at Fort Benning during this past offseason. "There have been a lot of people who lost family members because of things he has done.

"Definitely great news. You know, as far as the aspect, here's a guy who has been wanted for 10 years and to the catastrophe he caused. It makes it that much more worthwhile that they have finally caught up to him."

White offers baserunning tutorial

CHICAGO -- Devon White, the organization's baserunning coordinator, provided a pregame tutorial for players such as Juan Pierre, Brent Morel and Alex Rios on Monday. The visit from White had nothing to do with the team's 17-for-34 accuracy rate in stolen-base attempts.

"No, it was scheduled way before that," said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen of White's visit. "I don't think Devon's going to help us to get better, because I don't see too many people on base yet."

Rios was successful stealing in Monday's 6-2 win over Baltimore. Pierre and Gordon Beckham were thrown out at second.

Third to first

Factoring in Monday's third-inning run, the White Sox have scored in the first three innings in just three of their past 17 games. ... Sergio Santos made his 11th straight scoreless appearance, covering 13 innings and 16 strikeouts. ... The White Sox scored six runs or more for the eighth time this season.