CHICAGO -- Before Thursday afternoon's game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen gave little indication about who is going to start in place of Jake Peavy on Sunday.

It depends.

"It depends on what we need to do," Guillen said. "We need a young guy. There are so many things we need to figure out, is what we need."

"It's so many different things we can do about it. We can put [Tony] Pena in another inning, or we could pick this kid or send this kid down. We got a couple things to play with, and we're going to do what's better for the ballclub."

Early speculation is that White Sox prospect Daniel Hudson will be called up for the start, on account of the fact that the White Sox pulled him out of the Futures Game on Sunday. Guillen mentioned Hudson by name, but only as an option that will be explored.

In the immediate aftermath of Peavy's injury, the White Sox called up Jeffrey Marquez, a starter with Charlotte.

A bullpen day might be the most logical conclusion, with the three-day All-Star break coming up. In fact, Guillen joked about starting Pena, who has had some extended long-relief outings earlier this season. The only certainty, however, is that whoever trots out to the mound on Sunday is in the White Sox organization right now.

"I think you got to stay in the organization," Guillen said. "You don't just pull up the magic thing and make a trade. That's not easy. When you go into the trade market, there's a lot going on. I think you've got to stay in the organization. Who it's going to be? I don't know who's down there or who's ready to pitch that day."

White Sox escape five errors

CHICAGO -- Late in Wednesday night's 5-3 White Sox win which featured five White Sox errors, a defensive substitution seemed like an oxymoron, but White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said he would do it again.

Omar Vizquel came on in the eighth inning for Dayan Viciedo, and even committed one of the five errors, but his substitution still served a purpose to Guillen.

"That's why I have Omar here," Guillen said. "I have Omar here for a reason. I'd rather have him make the error to lose the game than one of the kids, because he would sleep well. Omar would come back the next day with the same attitude. [Viciedo] may lose a game for us, and might not sleep for 10 days."

The game, which Guillen joked would keep bench coach Joey Cora up at night, illustrated to Guillen exactly what the costs are for a team that regularly commits errors.

"After one error, Freddy [Garcia] had to throw about 17 more pitches to get out of the inning," Guillen said. "That's why I had to use the bullpen more than I should. That's what people don't understand. When you make mistakes, that costs a lot of things. Not just runs, [but] more innings pitched, more pitches thrown, using more people out of the bullpen."

Putz, Thornton easing Jenks' load

CHICAGO -- With J.J. Putz riding a 22 consecutive scoreless inning streak and Matt Thornton headed to the All-Star Game, it is arguable that the White Sox have the best setup pitching in baseball.

According to closer Bobby Jenks, that only serves to make his job easier.

"It speaks for itself," Jenks said. "Your innings are shortened. You're getting complete innings, not coming in in the eighth, and having to work out of jams. It makes my job a heck of a lot easier."

The main place that it affects Jenks is in his preparation, as his ninth-inning segment approaches.

"It's been nice, because usually around the seventh I look ahead and see what possible hitters are," Jenks said. "I know from the seventh inning on, the game's locked down, and I'm going to go ahead and start doing my homework on the batters that I'm probably facing, give or take one at the most."

Jenks has also had a turnaround of sorts, as he has converted 14 consecutive save opportunities and won the MLB Delivery Man of the Month Award for June, posting a 0.75 ERA in the month.

"Early in the year I was going through some mechanical issues, so after getting those figured out, it's falling back into place," Jenks said. "I get to be the anchor at the back end of that bullpen, [which] is making it easier on everybody."

Quentin sits Thursday, expected Friday

CHICAGO -- Carlos Quentin was out of the lineup again on Thursday, as White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen followed through with his plan to sit Quentin both on Wednesday and Thursday, regardless of how Quentin felt on Thursday.

"Yesterday, as soon as he said, 'I don't feel good enough,' then I said, 'You don't play tomorrow either,'" Guillen said. "Just to make sure in his mind he knows he is not playing and he can worry about his knee. I expect him to play [Friday]."