CHICAGO -- Although hits are still hard to come by for Mike Moustakas, there's no consideration for returning him to Omaha for the rest of the Triple-A season.

"We're not going to be near that point this year," manager Ned Yost said.

Moustakas, who has under been under the .200 mark for the last two weeks, has been the regular third baseman since he was brought up on June 10.

Why not send him down for more seasoning?

"Because he's facing much better competition here. For the same reason they didn't send George Brett, Mike Schmidt, Robin Yount after 250 at-bats hitting .215," Yost said. "It's the same thing. This is nothing new. He's not breaking new ground here by struggling. A lot of people do. He's good enough that he'll figure it out."

Moustakas had a couple of two-hit games in this week's Tampa Bay series and he obviously has not let his hitting woes affect him at third base.

"He's playing spectacular defense," Yost said.

"You go through these things. That's why we brought him up, so he could go through them now," Yost said. "He's getting better, he'll figure it out."

Royals want foundation for quick-pitch rule

CHICAGO -- As manager Ned Yost will tell you, there are a few rules in the rulebook that could use a little touching up.

Of immediate interest for the Royals is the quick-pitch rule, which worked against Bruce Chen in the fourth inning Friday night.

Home-plate umpire Mike Everitt ruled Chen's pitch was thrown before White Sox batter Brent Morel was ready, making the pitch an automatic ball.

"It's the umpire's judgment," Yost said. "That's what it says in the rulebook. I don't think it's a quick pitch. The hitter was ready. He had his hands on the bat; he was set in the box. We've done it numerous times over the year and it's never been called a quick pitch before."

Yost said the rulebook may need to be looked at to determine a more concrete ruling, but for now, it's all a judgment call.

Rule 8.05 (c) notes: "A quick pitch is an illegal pitch. Umpires will judge a quick pitch as one delivered before the batter is reasonably set in the batter's box. With runners on base the penalty is a balk, with no runners on base, it is a ball. The quick pitch is dangerous and should not be permitted."

Royals pitching coach Bob McClure figures that the White Sox had asked the umpires to keep an eye on Chen for just that reason.

"It's got to be obvious that they were told by the other side when they were watching the tapes on Bruce, that he does that once in a while," McClure said. "He abbreviates his delivery which is perfectly legal. ... He uses that as part of his delivery to upset timing. Period."

It can be an effective weapon. McClure noted that Chen used the quick-pitch technique to strike out the Rangers' Michael Young for the first time in his career this year. Chen used his normal delivery for the first pitch, double-pumped on the second pitch, then quickened his delivery on the third pitch, and Young took strike three.

Royals seek players to fit their profile

CHICAGO -- Clubhouse chemistry just isn't something on which the Royals are willing to compromise.

After troubled pitcher Carlos Zambrano was ejected from the Cubs game on Friday night, cleaned out his locker and threatened to retire, Royals manager Ned Yost stressed the importance of team chemistry within a ballclub.

"Chemistry is real important," Yost said. "It's real important inside your clubhouse. Especially when you're trying to turn your team into a winner. [Problem players] can be a distraction. I don't know Zambrano. I don't know the situation. I do know that chemistry is important, though."

Yost explained how Royals scouts look at more than just the athletic ability of potential players. It's a total-package deal.

"Character and makeup -- our scouts do their homework," Yost said. "They judge his tools, but they also do everything they can do to understand, analyze and make sure that each individual player has the makeup to help us win a championship. That's important."

Crown points

• Catcher Matt Treanor, on the disabled list with a concussion, will undergo another series of tests on Sunday to determine if he's fit for a Minor League rehabilitation assignment.

• Pitcher Felipe Paulino, who left his start after five innings last Wednesday at Tropicana Field with a stiff back, is doing well and is expected to start as scheduled on Monday in the opener of the Yankees series at Kauffman Stadium.

• The Royals' five stolen bases against the White Sox on Friday night marked their third five-steal game this year and gave them a total of 116, three behind the league-leading Yankees.

• Alcides Escobar lost a hit in Friday night's game because of a late scoring change. Instead of a ninth-inning single, an error was ruled against third baseman Brent Morel which deprived Escobar of his fourth straight multi-hit game.