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10/04/05 9:03 PM ET

Postgame interview with Jose Contreras

Righty fireballer got the win for White Sox in Game 1

Q. Jose, what did you do to keep Ramirez and Ortiz down? What was your pitching style against them?

OZZIE GUILLEN, JR. (translating for Contreras): Basically, don't make a mistake, keep the ball out. Just throw strikes and keep the ball out. That's about it.

Q. Jose, there's no secret that you have had difficulties with the Red Sox in the past. Do you think this game today puts to rest the idea that somehow they're in your head?

GUILLEN: A lot was said with the White Sox. When I was a Yankee, that happened, too. That's part of baseball. I have had a lot of success with the Red Sox, and it has a lot to do with the uniform.

Q. First of all, which one of your daughters is that with you, and how much more comfortable do you feel in Chicago than you did in New York?

GUILLEN: The confidence level from the manager and the players and the coaching staff, since the first day I walked into the clubhouse, everyone believed in me and had confidence in me, and even the language barrier, the managers speak Spanish, and [manager Ozzie Guillen is] my friend. He gives me a lot of confidence.

It's [my] youngest daughter, Naylenis, she's five years old. Naylenis.

Q. Jose, what does it mean that your family was able to see you pitch in a playoff game?

GUILLEN: It's a big difference. My family wasn't here when I pitched the first time. Even though I came out as a reliever [in the 2003 ALCS and World Series with the Yankees], this was my first start [in the postseason]. You have that extra support when you see your wife and kids, and if you don't go out there and succeed, your family is suffering because they're watching you live.

Having your family there, it's nice to come in when you win and have them there and support you there when you win or when you lose.

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