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10/04/05 10:18 PM ET

Postgame interview with Ozzie Guillen

White Sox took ALDS Game 1 with 14-2 rout of Red Sox

Q. Ozzie, were you at all surprised today by the offensive outburst from your team?

GUILLEN: Well, you know, in the season, we hit 200 home runs. That's a lot for the team playing small-ball, or to get there right away, I think. It does not surprise me because [Matt] Clement is a pretty good sinkerballer, and when [Scott] Podsednik hit a home run, it was like, "Wow."

The offense, I think, early in the day, I say we score first, we have a chance, but compete and play against that team. If you're up by six, your heart is still pumping. Every time you see somebody on base and you see those guys who can pitch anybody on that team, you have to pitch good.

That's the only way you're going to beat those guys. Last year, they were behind a lot of times and they kept on coming back. You got to keep plugging, and hopefully for the best.

Q. Does it feel like, "Nice game, but now go do it again?"

GUILLEN: We're the type of team where what we did last night doesn't mean anything tomorrow. That's the way we play. Also, it's nice to carry over, it's nice to come back and carry with the same enthusiasm and the same way. It's different pitchers, and I always say just get it tomorrow. Enjoy the day, but let's show up tomorrow and play the game.

Q. What did you say to [Jose] Contreras when he went out in the fourth?

GUILLEN: "Don't worry about the people on base. Try to eliminate the most hitters you could. Don't lose your concentration and keep throwing the way you throw the ball."

Q. Ozzie, you struggled to score runs all year, yet you have had some big scoring games against the Red Sox. Is there any way to explain it?

GUILLEN: I guess when you play the world champs, you are pumped up a little bit. They're the best. We swing the bat good over there, and they did, too. When we were there and playing the series in Boston, our pitching staff was really strong. Right now our pitching staff is set, and hopefully they can stay that way. We play the Central Division, and the Central Division, I think, is the most underrated division in baseball, especially [in terms of] pitching.

Look at the pitching staff, even in Minnesota and Detroit, we compete with those guys every day, and those are pretty good pitching staffs. I don't want to take anything away from Boston, but when you look at the numbers the Central Division put up, it was a tough division to hit against.

Q. Ozzie, Jose eliminated [Manny] Ramirez and [David] Ortiz, is that key to what he did today?

GUILLEN: You've seen Jose last couple of months, he's thrown the same way he threw today. Like I say, you have those guys in the lineup and you pray for the best. I think the way he was throwing, he was throwing strikes. He threw quality pitches, and you have to do that with that team because they will score in a heartbeat.

Q. What was your reaction when [Tadahito] Iguchi went to third?

GUILLEN: I wanted to say, "No, no, no!" to that boy, he did a good job, and I was screaming, "No!" but it was a good play. I don't think it was the right play, but it worked out pretty good for us.

Q. Ozzie, with two out in the first, what was your reaction when you saw [A.J.] Pierzynski try to lay down a bunt down the third baseline, and is he maybe the only guy in a White Sox uniform who is more quotable than you are?

GUILLEN: I doubt it. That's the way it is. I don't think people like it. We've got to keep staying on it no matter how many runs we have. We have to play our game, and that is to try to put a lot of people on base, and today was great. We hit a lot of home runs, and we've got to come out and say we've got to do it again tomorrow. Hopefully, if that situation happens, it will be great.

Q. When you guys got A.J., it was such a controversial move. What has he meant to the team, and did you ever see the background?

GUILLEN: We keep him in control. This kid's been great. Everything he brings to the ballpark is great heart, and once in a while you've got to make him come down and just help your teammate. He's great, I think, and a lot of people thought we were going to have problems, and a lot of people thought his character and mine will be a little bit different, but it's been great for us.

Q. Ozzie, coming into the series, a lot of people were saying you guys are the underdogs. Is this a statement game for you guys?

GUILLEN: Well, it's fun when you go home and say, "Well, I wasn't supposed to win the game." Besides that, our pitching staff carried this team all the way to [this point], and I believe they're still carrying us. It's nice to see a lot of guys score a lot of runs, so our pitching staff can breathe a little bit. The offense still continues to do what they're doing and hopefully my pitching staff will do what they've done all year long.

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