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10/05/05 10:48 PM ET

Postgame interview with Ozzie Guillen

Manager discusses his team's performance in Game 2

Ozzie, obviously with Bobby Jenks, knowing you have an off day tomorrow, using him for two innings, what was your reason not to even consider using Dustin? Was it simply a confidence factor?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Well, my main concern, I've got to throw my best bullpen guy against the best hitter they have. They have Manny and Varitek, I mean, they're all good hitters, but I was facing the hard ones on the lineup, and I wanted to go with my best man, and he was my best man, but as soon as Jenks was there, we had a couple guys warming up just in case, but that was my thought.

Ozzie, put in perspective what it means to be going into Boston with a 2-0 lead at this point.

GUILLEN: It's great. I think we still have to play. They played great in Boston, real good, but we're having a good year on the road also. Don't count anything. We've got to go there and play hard and play the way we play. Believe me, the Boston Red Sox were there before and they know how to come out.

Right now, they're taking things really easy, and they'll be ready when we get to Boston.

Ozzie, you said a lot of times this year that Iguchi was your MVP and best all around player. Do you still feel that way after that home run?

GUILLEN: You looked at the stats. I think he got 15 home runs. When he came to the stage, he's knows he's got to change the game for us, and he did. Iguchi was sitting 6th, 7th or 5th, and I took a lot of bats away from him.

If you look at my team from a manager's view, one of the biggest reasons we're here is because of Iguchi. He made the plays, hit the home runs. This kid did everything for the team, and that's what I keep saying.

Ozzie, are you at all surprised with the composure of your team through two games?

GUILLEN: Well, we never give up. I know we're going to score some runs. They had one bad inning, and we took advantage. Those guys never lose faith, and they were pulling for each other, and that's why they win. They never put their heads down. Those guys feel real comfortable, and they did it.

Ozzie, a couple things. As an infielder, is there anything you could do to make you feel worse than what Graffanino did? And secondly, you guys, your starting pitchers especially, not giving up any walks, was that a big priority coming into the series?

GUILLEN: First thing about the walk, we got to make the guys swing the bat. I was worried about Contreras, but he was fine.

I think Graffanino's ground ball was not as easy as people think it was. I was explaining to one of my kids. He asked me what you do in that particular thing. I said you've got to stay back. It was a big break for us.

If people think it was an easy play to make, they're wrong. I have been there before, and I know how it feels. It was not an easy play for him.

Can you comment on Buehrle's performance today? And in the first inning specifically, it seemed like the defense maybe let him down a little.

GUILLEN: We did. I think we made those plays before, and Buehrle was up a little bit. Maybe he was anxious. He turned around though, and I know it didn't help pitching to Manny, but the guy behind was Varitek, and it wasn't easy.

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