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10/05/06 11:10 PM ET

Postgame interview with Iguchi

Second baseman talks about his offensive performance

Could you ask Tadahito where that home run ranks in his career or where that ranks for him?

RYAN McGUIRE: He can't really put a rank on it, but the fact that he was able to hit this home run this first year playing, he's very happy.

Were you looking to break a ball on that pitch?

McGUIRE: He had talked to Greg, the batting coach, about hitting Wells' curves.

And all this year he had been fooled by Wells' curves, so he went out trying to hit today, and he's happy it happened.

Tadahito, can you compare what playoffs in major leagues are like as opposed to what they're like in Japan, and how much did your experience there help you in this series?

McGUIRE: As far as the playoffs themselves, there's not really much difference, but the fact that here in the States, when you're playing at home it's pretty much all your own fans, whereas in Japan you have half and half, so it's interesting to see what's going to happen when he gets to Boston, but he's happy here playing in front of so many hometown fans.

Graffanino just said that he hoped the next ball would be hit to him, and his worst nightmare was you hitting the home run to give them the lead. Can you empathize with him as a fellow second baseman, and have you ever made errors that have cost your team the game?

McGUIRE: He has had situations which he's erred and points have been gotten by their team because of that, and he understands Graffanino's position, or his feelings there, but he is happy that his error gave him a chance to do something and that he was able to make something good out of it.

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