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10/07/05 9:50 PM ET

Guillen postgame interview

Manager talks about series win over Red Sox

Ozzie, as much confidence you have in this team, could you imagine this?

OZZIE GUILLEN: No. Well, I would say yes, because the way they swing the bat, the way they come here to Boston to play. On the other side, I have a lot of confidence in my pitching staff, and when you pitch good in the Playoffs, and execute well, you should win.

That's what we did. We pitched real well, and we played against a tremendous ball club. If you look at the lineup they are, you can't put any lineup better than those guys. We need to score two more. I said, "Just be there today, because I don't want to wake him up," and those guys, that's how good they are. Good thing, everything was good for us and we win.

Can you talk about El Duque?

GUILLEN: Well, when we signed this kid I don't know if he's a kid, when we signed El Duque, a couple of people called and said you need a big guy in the Playoffs. I went to him because he's the only guy with more experience. He's had a lot of success against the Red Sox, he's known Varitek for a long time, and I know this kid is going to show up with cold blood. Maybe somebody else would show up nervous or anxious. El Duque has experience in the Playoffs. Everything worked out pretty good for us.


GUILLEN: One thing about me, the way McCarthy pitched, all the pressure I had from Chicago people, the people that know about baseball a lot, the genius, they want McCarthy, but when I put McCarthy there, I have six guys with no experience in the Playoffs in the bullpen. Now a rookie to close the game. The reason we started El Duque here is he knows about the Playoffs. In the meanwhile, he wins 12 games for me and has Playoff experience, and he comes through for us.

Were you tempted to use him or keep him in for the 9th?

GUILLEN: I wanted to, because Graffanino was two for two against him with a home run and a double. I talked to him about it, and he said, "If you're going to throw me in, I want to stay there." I go with the best, and I think it worked out.

Ozzie, how important was this win, not only for you but for the franchise?

GUILLEN: For the franchise, it's great. Finally we make another big step. I think the people in Chicago should feel proud of these players. They did everything every day they never failed. Every day they come out and be what we are. To me, it's great, we want to be part of the team.

I think I get paid to win games, and people are talking about the White Sox again and we should feel good about it not because of me. They have waited a long time for this moment, and good things. The team is making happen this year.

Sixth inning, Varitek to bat, did you think he was getting squeezed, and it seemed like when you went to the mound, you looked at Wegner a little bit. Did you do that for effect?

GUILLEN: Not really. The guy had a great game, the whole game. It's hard to see from our dugout to the plate, it's too far away, and I wondered where the pitch was.

On the other hand, when you pitch on the first strike, they're going to switch. He had a great game, but I wondered what the pitch was. That's my job. It's part of my job to ask. I'm not going to argue with the umpires, that's not the reason I went out there.

How close were you to getting tossed? Did you know when to stop?

GUILLEN: Well, every time I get tossed, a lot of people are looking around the country and they have a bet how many times I get thrown out of the game. I only got thrown out four times in my career, not my managing career. If I get tossed from the game, I think I let the team down.

I have to be there for them. I'm not going to get tossed just because. If the manager is not there in a Playoff game, I think you lose the respect of your team. I need my players and my player need me. I'll be there for them.


GUILLEN: Well, we built the team around defense and pitching and clutch hitting. I think we really concentrate and bring the best players we have to make the best team.

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