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10/12/05 12:09 AM ET

Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

White Sox manager discusses Game 1 loss to Angels

You had a couple failures to get bunts down and got a couple guys thrown out trying to steal. I'm just curious whether you feel like your loss of the game is a failure of those small parts of the game? And also (A. J.) Pierzynski was running a straight steal or was it a failed hit and run?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Well, that's not a question. The first one, we executed we have the type of team that executes all the time and that's our game. We failed today at moving the guys over. You know, we don't do the job and when we fail doing that, it's hard for us to win. We don't have the type of team that's going to score 20 runs.

Second question is A. J.? You were asking what he was doing. Obviously people think he's going to steal the base, throw him to steal the base, he only got one try all year. I think he was confused. I think he must have missed the sign, but no, I think he was just running on his own.

Do you think that our guys should have been a little more patient tonight?

GUILLEN: Well, that was our plans. I think early going to be around the plate, but also try to stay in the strike zone. I think he was throwing pretty well. He was throwing strikes, and we never had the chance to put it against the wall. Every time we got there maybe a couple balls got hit hard on it, and I think our plan was to do that, and we did it.

Were you angered by your team's effort tonight?

GUILLEN: No, I would let you guys know. If I'm angry I'll let you guys know.

They executed better, they got to hit, bunt, put it down, they've got to play us and not execute the way they did.

In contrast would you comment on Molina's defense behind the plate.

GUILLEN: Molina is the best catcher in baseball. There's no doubt about it. This kid is not wearing the glove just because. His pitching staff is doing really well, and to me there's no better defense right now as a catcher in the American League than him.

Did you think Cabrera's slide in the third could have been called interference on a potential double play?

GUILLEN: Not really. That's the way people should be playing baseball, play hard. Double plays, I like those kind of games. That's the way people have to play the game.

You played so well over the last week. Did the time off hurt you any?

GUILLEN: I don't know. We needed a couple days off. I cannot say. I cannot make an excuse that this day off killed us. Hopefully we execute well and get better, but no, I think we needed the days off.

What was sort of the thinking there in having Jermaine Dye trying to lay one down?

GUILLEN: Well, he tried to get on base, make things happen, and when you're batting third -- he thought the third baseman was playing back. He just wanted to make something happen to start the inning.

Talk about Jose (Contreras) and his performance tonight.

GUILLEN: Great job. I think Jose, I don't think more than three balls were hit hard on him. The ball by (Garret) Anderson, the home run, think that's the only really well hit ball they hit against him. Jose is throwing the ball the same way first and second half. He did a tremendous job for us.

Is there any chance that given what the Angels have gone through the last couple of days that your guys thought they would come in here and sleepwalk through the first game because of the travel?

GUILLEN: Not really. It could be hard travel for them. As I said before the game, I don't believe they would be tired. As soon as you put a uniform on, you forget about pains, and that's how you get. It was to our advantage, all the traveling stuff, but they showed us and they showed everybody that that's not the truth.

I think the truth is they travel a lot, every flight they make it four hours, five hours, and I think they get used to it, and they showed it today.

Is it an adjustment for your team being in postseason play, this deep in postseason play. What did you learn from this and what did you think your baseball team learned from this disappointment tonight?

GUILLEN: Obviously it's a chance to play better. I don't think we do what we do all year long. I think we have to come back and play hard, and I think I don't have anything to say about the boys. The boys are playing good, and they played better than we did.

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