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10/13/05 12:28 AM ET

A.J. Pierzynski postgame interview

Catcher talks about disputed dropped third strike call

A. J., what possessed you to run?

A.J. PIERZYNSKI: I didn't hear him call me out, so I thought, I thought for sure the ball hit the ground. I watched the replay 50 different times and I still don't know. The third strike is in the dirt, you run. Josh didn't tag me, I think he thought he called it, and I just ran, and luckily it worked out.

If I could ask a follow up, Josh said that typically if a pitch is in the dirt on a third strike, the umpire will say "no catch, no catch."

PIERZYNSKI: I didn't hear him say anything. It was the same situation when Garrett (Anderson) was up earlier in the game. I thought we caught him, I threw it around and the umpire said it hit the ground. It was a foul tip. I thought I caught that one, I watched that replay and couldn't tell if that one hit the ground, either. It was a tough situation, and I ran. I was like, "Well, if he calls me out, we'll try and shut them another in another inning," and luckily Joe (Crede) hit one to win the game.

Did you do a head fake there?

PIERZYNSKI: No, I was going back to the dugout and realized he didn't tag me, so I thought, "Okay, I'll run."

I told the guys in the locker room that it happened to me last year in San Fran and I was the catcher and I did that. The pitcher tried to bunt and he didn't get it down. Here I am in San Fran and the visiting run in the dugout and thought he was out and they called him safe. That popped in the back of my head just to run, and if he calls me out, he calls me out.

You watched the replay, did you see him make the motion?

PIERZYNSKI: I didn't see that. The only replay I've seen is the ball. I have no idea if he made a motion or not. I was running.

This series could have been either way. It's 1-1. It to be 2-0 or 0-2. How do you feel about your position going into Anaheim?

PIERZYNSKI: It's going to be tough. They're a really good team. They have good pitching, great line up. Every game seems like it's going to be one run, a break here, a break there. They're really, really good. Their bullpen and their pitching is amazing. To get 1 1 with the way Buehrle pitched and the way Jose pitched last night, both guys went out and pitched, made one mistake; it was a home run. Other than that to shut down that line up, he's amazing.

Do you guys feel lucky to win tonight?

PIERZYNSKI: Do we feel lucky? No. Do they feel lucky when they won last night? No, we feel, like I just said, it can go either way.

This is two really good teams battling each other, and every pitch counts. It's fun to be out there, one to see the games, and it's amazing how much rides on every pitch in this series. So far the first two games have lived up to every expectations, and hopefully it can keep going.

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