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10/13/05 12:38 AM ET

Joe Crede postgame interview

Third baseman talks about his game-winning double

Joe, time and time again you come through late in the game. Can you talk about relishing the opportunity to do it late in the contest?

JOE CREDE: I think that's the biggest part is actually getting the opportunity to be in that situation. You have to tip your hat to A. J. It was a heads up play on his part and he was able to get to first and get there safely.

Were you able to see, you were in the box, it obviously was a bad angle, but were you paying attention? Were you able to see if the ball hit the dirt or were you confused to see A.J. up and running?

CREDE: As soon as I saw him swing, I seen him run off the field, I turned around and started walking back towards the dugout and I was thinking about who was leading off the top of the 10th. I didn't know what was going on until I saw him rounding first base and he was safe.

Are you surprised he challenged you or even came anywhere near you on 0-2 like that?

CREDE: Throwing a splitter right there, it hung up in the zone. He got a good splittie tonight, it just didn't drop off the table like he wanted it to.

Can a win like this put you guys in the driver's seat for this entire series?

CREDE: Well, I think it definitely helps the momentum going into Anaheim. That's definitely a tough place to win and they have a lot of great fans out there, get loud. They pack that place good, and we expect it to be loud and having some kind of a win on our side is definitely an advantage.

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