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10/13/05 12:45 AM ET

Mark Buehrle postgame interview

Winning pitcher dicusses his complete-game effort

It seems like you got ahead of the count, that you were throwing first pitch strike 1. Did that help you along during the game?

MARK BUEHRLE: Yes, I was figuring to go out there and make the pitches your counts instead of hitters' counts. That's always going to help.

Probably one of the best games of my career. I felt good out there. Change in the middle innings we found in the seventh and eighth inning and made a couple of key pitches and had a ground ball and a couple of outs, but one of the best games of my career.

You said it was one of the best games of your career. Was it the biggest game of your career?

BUEHRLE: Obviously you don't want to go to Anaheim down 2-0. You know how good a team that is, or Los Angeles, whatever they are. You know how good a team they are and you want to go out there and throw up zeroes.

We didn't know how the offense was going to respond to Washburn with him being out for a while. But we came out there and battled and tried to throw up as many zeroes, just like all season long, didn't give the other team a chance to score.

Could you have gone another inning? Did you have anything left?

BUEHRLE: Yeah, Coop came over and asked me after the ninth inning how I felt. He said, "Are you going to be back out there?" I said, "You might as well send me back out there."

Like I said, this was one of the strongest games, and in the 9th inning, especially with this crowd behind us, certain pitches, getting ahead of the count, I said I can't let the crowd get me going too much and make a mistake, I just have to make some quality pitches, which I did.

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