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10/15/05 12:10 AM ET

Jon Garland postgame interview

Pitcher talks about Game 3 win after long layoff

It looked like you pitched with a lot of confidence for the entire ballgame. Did you have it from the get go and how much did that top of the first help?

JON GARLAND: I think the confidence rolled up from the offense there in the first inning, going out there and giving me some quick early runs, took the pressure off me a little bit, and I was able to go out there and attack the zone.

You were concerned about the sinker before the start and the rest. How did that actually work out on the mound for you? Was the sinker better

GARLAND: I stayed away from it. I didn't throw the sinker as much today. I stayed with the four seamer. I was feeling strong, and I was throwing the pitching inside on these guys. It worked early on so I stayed with it throughout the game.

Was this the best game you've ever pitched in your career?

GARLAND: It's definitely up there, to be able to come in first postseason game, come on the West Coast, where we haven't had too much success over the past few years and able to go out there and do that for my team, it was pretty exciting.

It's something I'll remember.

How did you deal with that long layoff between starts, physically and psychologically?

GARLAND: I continued to throw. In Chicago I threw my own hitters on the mound, game like as best I could, throw a few pitches, sit down, rest, get back up, and try not to think about it too much, not let it creep into my head and maybe cause some concern.

But I went out there and I felt good, and everything worked out.

Could you talk about the overall what your pitching staff has done? You've had three, I guess, virtual complete games, two and then the first one there was a little relief. Is this pitching staff this good?

GARLAND: I think so. It's something that we've done all year long. We've gone out and we've given our team a chance to win. Most of the time we've stepped on the mound. I think any manager in the Major Leagues will take that. If you're going out there and giving your team a chance to win, you're keeping them in striking distance, I mean, who wouldn't want that?

You've been asked all year long basically if this is the real Jon Garland or are you going to fall back into your pattern from last year. Do you think maybe you have convinced the White Sox fans that yeah, this is the real Jon Garland?

GARLAND: I hope I've convinced my team, the guys that are backing me up. Hopefully. You know, hopefully are enjoying coming out watching me pitch, enjoying it on TV watching me pitch. It's one of those things that it's not easy to go out and win a game. A lot of things have to go right, and over the past few years things might have rolled the other way, and this year I had some luck on my side.

You gave up the home run and yet you were able to regroup very quickly after that, what was the key to that?

GARLAND: A.J. came out and calmed me down. I was upset with the pitch that I threw, mad at myself because I shook him off and he wanted something different. But he was able to come out, calm me down a little bit, two outs, say, "Okay, jump back on the mound," and here we go.

Do you have thoughts about the response to your catcher's introduction and every time he was at the plate?

GARLAND: That's fans. Fans are going to do it. They're upset with what happened in Chicago. That's life. It's going to happen.

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