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10/16/05 12:13 AM ET

Scott Podsednik postgame interview

Oufielder discusses the character of the White Sox

Scott, you've seen them all year, but the way the pitchers have thrown these four games, how unbelievable is it to you that you've only needed the bullpen for two outs?

SCOTT PODSEDNIK: I can't say enough about what our starters have done this series and the entire season, from day one. Our pitching has set the tone for us all season long, and it does something for your offense when you've got guys going out like that battling. You kind of say, hey, if we can scrap together two, three, four runs we can win a ballgame.

I don't have enough good things to say about the way those guys have went out and handled their season.

Scott, the first inning I think your walk to start it off was eight pitches, and I think he threw over 30 in the first inning. Did you guys think you could make (Ervin) Santana throw a lot of pitches, and secondly, what was the lift that you got watching (Paul) Konerko hit another home run that inning?

PODSEDNIK: Offensively we wanted to try to get to them early. We wanted to try and pick up where he left off last night, put some pressure on early, get some guys on base. That's been myself (Tadahito) Iguchi's focus is to try to get on for those guys hitting behind us. When you have Paul, Jermaine Dye and Carl Everett hitting behind you, you're going to score some runs.

To watch Paul do what he's done this series has been, well, the guy has just been fun to watch. We like our chances with guys on base and him at the plate.

Could you tell us how you try and make sure you don't get too overconfident? You have a pretty nice lead right now, 3-1. Very few teams have come back.

PODSEDNIK: We haven't won anything yet. That team is going to be ready to play tomorrow. It's up to us to stay on that level keel, so to speak, try to feed off this win and get ourselves ready and prepared to come out and play a ballgame tomorrow. That team is going to be ready to play tomorrow.

Scott, what did you think of the pickoff attempt in the fifth? How did you see that?

PODSEDNIK: I'm sorry?

The pickoff attempt when you dove back to first base, did you think they had you?

PODSEDNIK: Umpire called me safe.

As well as this team has played against Boston and now in this series, is there anything about this that surprised you with the level of performance?

PODSEDNIK: We knew that we were capable of doing. We have a good group of guys here, solid chemistry. We've jelled well together from day one. We kind of knew we had something special going into spring training. That may sound crazy to you guys, but a lot of heart, a lot of character walking around that clubhouse, we knew what we were capable of doing. We're not surprised.

Like I said, the performance we've gotten from our pitching staff all season has set the tone for us.

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