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10/17/05 12:24 AM ET

Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

Manager says he's happy to prove skeptics wrong

Ozzie, could you describe what Jose Contreras' performance has done for this team?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Well, I think the biggest reason we are where we are is because of Jose. Every time we need a big game, he got it for us. Especially in the second half when we really struggled, he did it in a big way. This kid went from the last start, my last five guys to be the No. 1 in the playoffs.

If you told me in April Jose Contreras was going to be my ace and Bobby Jenks was going to be my closer, I would tell you I don't think we're going to win this. But Jose come in and throw big and with a lot of confidence, and he won the game for us.

First of all, what are your overall thoughts about this? How are you feeling? And did you expect it to be this smooth?

GUILLEN: Well, not really because the way we played all year long, I thought my pitching staff threw the ball real well when we needed it, Boston, here, and I think that's the key. I mean, I think it's great because we proved a lot of people wrong, and I think I like that. I call it low key.

We took a lot of beatings this year during the year about my team, and we just kept playing. Good thing my players don't listen to what I was saying to the media, and we stick together, and I think they deserve it, they earned it, and that's why I let them enjoy themselves.

Ozzie, the biggest surprise regarding the Angels that you saw during this series.

GUILLEN: Well, I think the biggest thing was Figgy. A lot of people talk about Vladdy. You get Figgy off the base, you got Vladdy and Anderson, when you keep Figgy off base we make it easy for the pitching staff. We pitch good, we stick with the scouting report, and my guys went out and pitched excellent.

First World Series appearance for Chicago in 46 years. What do you want to say to the fans back in Chicago?

GUILLEN: Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Have a great time. Don't get too crazy in the street. Be careful. I know people are going wild right now. We don't want to hear anything happened in the street tonight. Feel proud about this team. Feel proud about what we did. I know what we want to do, but I think Chicago fans should feel real proud. There's 25, 30 people helped me to win this. Those guys played hard every day, they never backed up, and I think we did it for them. Besides Jerry Reinsdorf, we did it for the fans. I did it for Jerry, then the fans. I think the players did it for the fans, then for Jerry.

Enjoy it, and hopefully we've got another four to go.

Do you want to say anything to Venezuela before we go?

GUILLEN: (Answer in Spanish).

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