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10/17/05 12:32 AM ET

Jose Contreras postgame interview

Complete-game winner dedicates victory to Chicago fans

Jose, did you ever imagine this kind of performance in this big of a situation for yourself?

JOSE CONTRERAS: Believe it or not, you get ready for this game from day one in spring training. That's what all the teams are out there to do, to pitch in post season, to play in the postseason and eventually go to the World Series.

Today's game was a great game, and I dedicate it to Chicago and to the fans of Chicago who have waited for so long, and I know they deserve it because they've stood by me when I was pitching bad and now that I'm pitching great.

The starting pitching was tremendous, not only yourself, but four straight complete games. Is this the standard, I mean, this is the strength of this team, isn't it? With respect to the rest of the players, this kind of pitching is almost unheard of in the game today.

CONTRERAS: I feel very proud of being part of the staff. It never crossed my mind once, though, to throw a complete game because when you face such a great offense as Anaheim you never think this. I was just thinking get the W. After the fifth inning I started concentrating on the batters and that's where my strength came.

When I face Anaheim you can't think a complete game. You might call it lucky, you might call it great, but we stepped up, and I'm glad I got to be part of this.

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