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10/24/05 12:25 AM ET

Podsednik, Konerko postgame interview

Players discuss offensive performances in Game 2 win

This is for Scott. Just curious, no home runs during the season, two home runs now; do you eat spinach or what's the secret?

SCOTT PODSEDNIK: Trying to get Jermaine Dye off my back. This one came at a good time. I recall standing out in left field after Paul did what he did, thinking about, man, what does that man feel like right now, to get us into that position to get us ahead at that point. And so to go out and hit one out of the ballpark for a game winner is pretty indescribable.

Scott, when you came up to the plate in the ninth, were you looking to get a pitch to drive or just trying to put good wood on the ball?

PODSEDNIK: I was just trying to get to base. Then we can work from there. Then we'll try to get in scoring position. Luckily I got to 2-1. And I said, hey, let's put a good swing on this fastball. I said, hey, let's look at putting a good swing on it. It was a good pitch to hit. And I was able to drive it out.

You got the first pitch right out of the box; what were you thinking when you went to the plate?

PAUL KONERKO: He threw it right where I was looking. I wasn't good all night. I don't think I got in position to hit one pitch all night. I didn't feel good all night and I looked -- he's got nasty stuff, that guy. He threw it exactly where I was looking, and I think that's what it might have taken to do it.

Again, I didn't feel good, and he's got great stuff. It's just one of those things that it's the last thing on your mind. I'm thinking to get a base hit to drive in two and hopefully tie, and bang, you get it. That's usually when you get them is when you're not trying to. I didn't want to get in a long at bat with him, because I didn't feel that great tonight.

For both players, Ozzie talked about how the spirit of his team is to pick each other up, not point fingers when someone doesn't perform well. Could each of you talk about how you guys do that, since both of you hit home runs, that kind of did that for someone else.

PODSEDNIK: I think that's been the characteristic of this ballclub from day one. We have 25 guys pulling on the same rope. You can't get to where we are with just a couple of guys performing. So that has been what's big for us all season long, is everybody on the same page, everybody moving towards the right direction. I got to credit Ozzie for that. He keeps the morale where it needs to be. That's what I've got.

KONERKO: When they tied the game up in the 9th, which, by the way, wasn't due to anything Bobby did bad. They hit some good pitches. And it's like playing ourselves out there. These guys have a lot of heart, they don't go away, they fight.

But when we came in after it was tied, no one was down. I think the overall kind of theme in the dugout was everybody loves Bobby, we're not going to let him go home feeling bad about this. We're going to pick him up and we're not going to let this happen. We're going to get this win, I didn't think we thought it would be that quick or by a home run by him (laughter), but

PODSEDNIK: I agree with him.

KONERKO: I sensed the dugout was more upset than down. Like almost pissed off in a way. And that's a good sign. And that says a lot about our team.

For both players, you guys really needed this game tonight. You wouldn't want to go back to Houston tied, looking at the hottest pitcher in Game 3. Talk about that a little bit.

KONERKO: You couldn't have said it any better. It's a tough place to play, everybody has been raving about how tough Houston has been, that stadium has been to play in against a guy who is just nasty, who is on his game right now. This was a big game. I think it doesn't mean -- there's still a lot of work to be done. Just in that game I don't see him showing any quit. Anytime you can put the win in the book, we've got to win two before they win four, I mean we feel better about it. But we're not we're enjoying it, but we're not going to fully enjoy it until we get that fourth win.

PODSEDNIK: We understand we haven't accomplished anything yet. The ultimate goal comes after two more wins. You have to win four games to close this thing out. So we know we have our work cut out for us. His last couple of starts he's been dynamite. It's up to us to maintain our focus and go in ready to play on Tuesday.

Scott, you've had such a good season both on and off the field this year, and this is another cherry on top of the sundae. Can you talk about the high you've been on all year long?

PODSEDNIK: Well, just coming over here and having the opportunity to play every day, I was excited about before this season started. Once we got into Spring Training we recognized we had a good group of guys, guys that got along and a good guy leading us. So you're right, it's been an enjoyable ride from day one. To be in the position where we are is well, it's just incredible.

Scott, when you get ahead in the count 2 1, do you expect them to challenge you a little bit because you're not a power hitter and they don't want to put you on base where you can run?

PODSEDNIK: I don't think anybody in the ballpark was thinking about me hitting the ball out of the ballpark. Two-and-1 I was thinking that he was probably going to challenge me with a fastball. I didn't think that he was going to want to walk me. Luckily I got into a hitter's count. I was looking fastball the entire at bat and got one, 2-1.

Paul, can you describe the rush of hitting a grand slam in the World Series?

KONERKO: It's the second best feeling I've had all week. The baby born Tuesday night, and that's first for the week; that one is second. I think it's a sense of this team is just so selfless and you enjoy it, but it's more -- we're trying to win the game. Anybody could have hit it and it feels like everybody is up there pulling for you and you're pulling for everybody that goes up there. It's hard to explain other than it's fun. It's kind of an out of body thing, but you're looking at it's 4-2, now it's 6-4, we can win. It didn't work out that way, but we can win.

Everybody is pulling in the right direction, like Scott said. And that's the name of the game. You don't get 25 guys together for seven and a half months, eight and a half now, that are on the same page for that long. It takes that to win this whole thing, and we're two games away.

Paul, did it look like Jermaine got hit by that pitch and did he say anything to you afterwards?

KONERKO: Didn't say anything to me afterwards. And on our side we have the worst angle, and I probably have the worst angle because I'm on deck. It looked like he showed a little bit of pain, it might have been a half and half thing, where it got some knob and it got his hand, I don't know what the replay showed. It's tough on the umpire, and he can't help for that one. The guys won't have a better idea than he does. It's close and he has to go on instincts, and luckily it worked out. It was a heck of an at bat by him. He was making a tough at bat out of it.

Scott, Jermaine Dye mentioned earlier that some of the guys that talked to you, you had been shaving down the knob of the bat because your hand was in trouble, and it was affecting your balance, and you've gone to a bat without a full knob, and you've been hitting the past weeks or month and you've been getting more power; can you talk about that?

PODSEDNIK: I don't know if it has anything to do with the knob. I'm pretty crazy, so to speak, a little superstitious. I'm using something different up there just about every week. I don't think it has anything to do with this week or last week. If I would have had a bat up there without a knob and put that kind of swing on the ball, who knows what the results would have been. I don't know, knob or no knob, it worked out for us.

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