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10/24/05 12:49 AM ET

Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

Manager discusses win, team unity, playing in Houston

Ozzie, first talk about the job Buehrle did, keeping you guys in the ballgame even though he wasn't dominating?

OZZIE GUILLEN: We've seen him before, but you can see they got a couple of hits, but I think he sat down for almost a half hour, just going there hitter by hitter, and I've got to bring my bullpen, and I make the decisions -- he got enough to keep us in the game. That's the way Buehrle does his stuff.

I know that you're only two wins in, a lot of baseball still to go, but can you begin to feel this is maybe a team of destiny; what makes you guys so special and your team never says die, never stops believing?

GUILLEN: You follow the team year round, that's the way we play all year. We keep fighting, making big pitch. When somebody fail, somebody pick them up.

This team is a lot of unity. This team -- nobody points fingers at anybody. That's one of my first rules, when I got this job, I don't want any teammate to point fingers and criticize teammates. Criticize me, not your teammates. And we do a pretty good job of doing that.

I went to take Jenks out and A.J. go behind me and said, "We'll come back, don't worry about it." That's the attitude I like to hear. That's especially because of the unity they have.

Did you see the play with Jermaine Dye, do you think he was hit by the pitch?

GUILLEN: I can't see it. He was right behind me. I think it's a good at bat for him. Great at bat. And it's easy when people -- from my point I cannot see anything what happened. I was on the side. I was behind him, I couldn't see anything.

Scott, no home runs all year, two in the postseason, including the one tonight. What are you feeding him? What's going on with this guy?

GUILLEN: This team, I think they make me smile in the 9th. I think this kid, you know, that's when stuff is going your way. When you -- when somebody come up with the home run, and you ask God, well, hopefully the ball will still bounce my way. So surprised, because the two home runs have come up in the postseason. And believe me, you can ask Paul Konerko now what is the biggest hit he's ever had in his life and he'll say today, the home run.

Would you talk something about where you are on the idea of momentum and carry over, particularly against their bullpen, you got to all three of their star relievers in this game?

GUILLEN: The American League they have a good bullpen. A lot of people they load it in the bullpen and we get used to hitting good against the bullpen, because that's the way we win games. Right now we are swinging the bat pretty good.

One thing about it, we never let ourselves down. We just always believe we can score in any particular inning. We believe we can do that.

Your team in a lot of ways is known as smart ball. You win tonight with two huge clutch home runs. Can you talk about doing it that way?

GUILLEN: Yeah, but beside the home run we got guys get on base with walk. We got a guy that got hit by a pitch. We got a guy -- they got the big home run. In the past we hit five home run in one inning. Right now I think the home runs we have are with people on base, and in the season I think we hit two home runs, we're second in the League. But it's not because we're going to hit home runs, but it's going to be somebody different hitting home runs. But the home runs come up and hopefully come with people on base.

What adjustments do you think you might have to make for the next three games in Houston. You're going to lose the DH and the pitchers will have to hit?

GUILLEN: Only one thing, I'm going to -- I don't want to say it's an advantage for the National League. They play good baseball in the National League. They know how to play National League ballgame. The back up players I have, they're real good to be National League ball players. They can play different positions and make different movements. I'm not going to change anything with National League, American League. We play real well. Hopefully we keep it up back in Houston.

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