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10/24/05 5:17 PM ET

Jon Garland off-day interview

Pitcher talks about preparing for Game 3 start

How do you work through these long layoffs between starts?

JON GARLAND: I throw more on the side. I take it in stride. It's one of those things you have to deal with, you have to overcome. I went out and threw against some of my own hitters again, just so I could see somebody standing in the box, rather than a bullpen when nobody is there. It's tough. Nothing is like the real game.

What are your first impressions of this place, and does it feel a little claustrophobic?

GARLAND: I've actually thrown here before in 2003, I believe. We came here for Spring Training, we finished up Spring Training for the game. It's nothing new. It's one of those things where you might have to keep away from some of the lefties and some of the righties, pulling down in the corner with the short porches there, and hopefully you're guys are out in the outfield.

Do you then take the same mindset you would if you're pitching at Fenway, just with the dimensions?

GARLAND: For me, it really doesn't matter if I'm pitching, I'm not going to try to pitch somebody different because a short porch or a deep porch, something like that. I've got to go out and make quality pitches, regardless. If I'm not doing that, it's not going to matter where I'm at.

You didn't throw your sinker much last start and had a lot of success. Does that impact at all your game plan for tomorrow night's start?

GARLAND: I think in Anaheim that was one of those things, I had a lot of lefties and I wanted to bust them in with the four seamer, and stay away from the sinker. I'll get my scouting report, and if it calls for throwing a sinker, that's what I'll go to.

Before the postseason started there was a whole lot made of the fact that the White Sox had relatively little postseason experience, that hasn't been a factor at all, why?

GARLAND: I think it's because we're going out and playing the game. Towards the end of the season we ended up clinching and we had the three games in Cleveland and we were able to relax and get back to playing baseball like we were at the beginning of the season. And going into the playoffs we took that same mindset. It doesn't seem like anybody is trying too hard and guys are coming up big.

First season with A.J., is he the kind of guy that will engage you in discussion? He's not afraid to speak his mind back there?

GARLAND: He's not at all, by any means, with anybody, not even to a pitcher. If he sees somebody out in the field he'll do the same. And me as a pitcher I've had to do it to him a couple of times. It's one of those things, during the course of a game you get intense. You're out there competing, and it's one of those things that takes over.

How much have you followed the career of Roy Oswalt, and particularly this year, have you seen any of his starts or anything like that?

GARLAND: I don't need to see any of his starts. I hear what hitters say about him. That's enough for me. The guy is a great pitcher, he goes out and competes, he wants to win. There's nothing that holds him back when he's on the mound, he brings it all.

What do hitters say about him?

GARLAND: That he's got some of the dirtiest stuff they've ever seen. I've never really met him in person, but they said he's not that big of a guy, but when he's on the mound he's throwing 95, 96, that's with the curveball he's got, breaking some knees.

You guys have all done a great job at getting ahead of hitters, strike 1, strike 2 in this postseason, it seems obvious if you get ahead you do better. But you guys seem to do it a lot better than most other pitchers in baseball. Is there a mindset you have about trying to get ahead?

GARLAND: I don't think we're that's basically what you want to do when you're pitching, you want to get ahead of the guy and put him in the pitcher's count and stay out of his hitter's counts.

We're just competing. We're throwing the ball well, and feeling comfortable on the mound, following up that last week of the season where everybody kind of put it together, it's just one of those things where we're going out and we're attacking the zone and we're getting the calls.

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