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10/26/05 2:33 AM ET

Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

Manager discusses win, series lead, Blum's homer

When you see them leave that many runners on inning after inning, does it get easier to watch or do you feel like you're on edge or do you ever start feeling good about it?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Well, it was tough. With the pitching staff they have and the pitching staff we had, I thought these games were going to be easier. I thought they would score that many runs and we would score that many runs. But I think they did everything they could. They left a lot of guys on base, so did we. We had a lot of opportunities and we didn't score. We didn't execute as well. I think we got a lot of chance, but our execution was real poor today, bunting and moving the guys over, and we get off a little bit or -- the way we played the game. I think you've got to make things happen.

Would you discuss your decision to bring in Hermanson in the eighth inning, at that point did you consider bringing in Hernandez or Jenks?

GUILLEN: Hermanson was ready, loose. We had one inning to get him ready to go, because this guy never was a reliever, just until this year, I didn't want to take a chance. He got to start every inning, so at least he have the opportunity to get loose.

No Jenks, because I was afraid what happened is what happened, tie game, and then I've got my hands tied because he is the best pitcher I have. I think having El Duque come up with a tightness in his neck, my bullpen was a little tougher to handle, because I thought he was going to give me a couple of innings, but he couldn't.

Did anybody on the bench call Blum's homer?

GUILLEN: Believe it or not, before that game start, my kid next to me said "Blum is going to win it for you." I looked at him and he gave me a bad look. When he hit the home run, you can see TV, when he's making fun of me. He called that shot. And somebody else did. It surprised me, because this game -- I think the last time was in Cleveland, and he got a home run, thank God he did it at the right time because I was running out of pitchers.

Since you got to use everybody, even Buehrle to close out the game, how does that affect what you have to do the next day or day or two?

GUILLEN: No, everybody is ready to go. I hope I don't have to use Jenks, but we need him and we'll use him. The more he throw, he get better. Everybody should be ready to go, and we'll see how Hernandez is doing tomorrow. Buehrle is supposed to throw the side tomorrow, now he is ready to go if we have to start him.

What can you tell us about Blum?

GUILLEN: Blum would be great. One of reason we bring this kid here in the middle, with the trade deadline, because I need a player like him. He can help me play every position. Because the way I play, I like to move people around, I like to pinch hit for people, and this kid give me the facility to using everywhere, first base, second base, shortstop and third and even outfield. He can be the biggest thing to ever hit.

The thing about this team is every day somebody different. That's the good thing about managing a team like this.

Can you just explain your feelings and emotions? You're one game away from winning the whole thing now. You're as close as you could be without having it done; can you talk about that?

GUILLEN: Same way. As soon as the game is over, I do the same routine, call my kids, kiss them, I let everybody enjoy. I went into my office, take a couple of Advils and come here. I'm not the type of people -- when we win, I have to respect the other manager of the other team, and when your job is manager, I let the guys enjoy themselves and celebrate with the winning.

With all the walks and the hit batters and the failed execution that took place in these late innings, do you almost feel fortunate to be on the winning side of this?

GUILLEN: I think so. One thing about this game, we execute -- we approach real well, Oswalt. This kid is one of the best in the League. I think we make him throw strikes. All of a sudden his pitch went up, his velocity was a little down. And I think our ball players did a tremendous job to get one of the best pitchers out of the game. I think that was the key for us to get him out of the game.

Did Mark come to you and say can he go over?

GUILLEN: He told me if you need somebody I'll be ready. And my pitching coach said you have to pitch sideline tomorrow. I said, well, I'll bring Marte, I want you in the bullpen and being loose right away in case something happen. And I was worried about Marte. He throw the ball best the last two months today, but I was worried about him, because one breaking ball and a fastball hitter, and I want to get my best pitcher on the mound, and I think that worked.

You talked a little bit about Oswalt, getting to him. But how exactly did your guys get to him in that inning, nobody had gotten to him for quite a while?

GUILLEN: I think he tried to find the strike zone, we took advantage. He was a little wild that inning. This kid can shut them down real quick, because he's that good. I think that we kind of looking for a better way, and he left a couple of balls over there, and I think A.J., he was the key. I think but we execute -- we approach real well against him today.

(Question in Spanish.)

GUILLEN: She asks how does it feel to be part of the longest World Series game in history. Well, it's not good because when you are managing you just want to get the thing over with.

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