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10/26/05 7:31 PM ET

Jose Contreras pregame interview

Pitcher discusses preparing for potential Game 5 start

If you win the World Series today, what type of tobacco are you going to smoke -- cigars?

JOSE CONTRERAS: Regardless if we win today or whenever we win we will smoke the cigars like we did when we won against Boston and Anaheim.

Have you talked to your family in Cuba and how have the Cuban fans reacted to the World Series?

CONTRERAS: It's kind of chaotic. The whole island is going crazy. Everybody is rooting, it's almost like what's going on in Chicago.

Is it hard mentally not knowing if you're going to pitch tomorrow and will it be easier to turn it on if you have to pitch?

CONTRERAS: I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm not thinking about winning tonight; I'm thinking about pitching tomorrow, just like if it's a regular season game, that's the way you have to prepare yourself.

What kind of attitude does A.J. Pierzynski bring to catching and to the clubhouse?

CONTRERAS: It's incredible the attitude and the style of play that A.J. Pierzynski brings to the clubhouse and the team. I think he's a winner and the attitude he brings forward, it carries over to the other players and the clubhouse.

As a catcher he's done a great job as the whole staff. And I think A.J. Pierzynski has been a huge asset to the success the White Sox have had.

What's the biggest difference between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees, and what is due to your success with the Chicago White Sox?

CONTRERAS: Everyone knows the success the New York Yankees have had in the past and what team they are traditionally. I don't think it compares to the Chicago White Sox. I think we shocked everyone. Everyone has had patience; my team, my coaching staff. I think it was a great click with me, I think it's due to the patience. I think I'm at home pitching in Chicago.

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