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03/27/06 10:00 AM ET

Be there for the special 'Soxabration'

Join other White Sox fans in recalling a glorious autumn

Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox...

Think back to a cold and rainy night last October. A sea of bodies bounced up and down as they sang those words in unison in an unreal scene at U.S. Cellular Field. It was the last game played there, and Scott Podsednik had just homered off Brad Lidge with the last pitch. It was an unreal scene that you will never forget.

"Don't stop believin'..."

Steve Perry, soaked in champagne, was singing along to his own Journey hit, accompanied by a crush of blissful Chicago White Sox players as they took turns holding and kissing a gleaming and elusive trophy, as it was blasted over the clubhouse speakers inside Minute Maid Park in Houston. It was an unreal scene that you will never forget.

"Just to be here and be a part of this is amazing."

Scott Pritikin was standing behind 200 people and trying to get a glimpse of the double-decker buses that passed by through the streets of Chicago in a victory parade that had been such a long time coming.

"Sox fans, including myself, have been waiting our entire lives to see a celebration like this," Pritikin said, "and I wouldn't miss it for anything."

It was an unreal scene that you will never forget.

Those were the moments that will last a lifetime in your memory: Joe Crede diving for ground balls and Paul Konerko hitting a grand slam. Juan Uribe reaching into the crowd to somehow catch a foul ball. Jermaine Dye singling up the middle for the winning run. Four straight complete games against the Angels to win the pennant. General manager Ken Williams and skipper Ozzie Guillen making all the right moves. An 11-1 playoff finish, including a World Series sweep of the Astros to give White Sox fans their first world championship in 88 years.

Yes, it has been 152 days since Bobby Jenks threw that final pitch. So much has happened since then -- trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving dinners, unwrapping holiday gifts, celebrating a new year, shoveling snow, Valentine's Day, spring break, life relentlessly moving on. And now the White Sox are about to open another season with the first game on Sunday night at home against the Indians, the symbolic passage of time that Major League Baseball has marked for generations.

More excitement is just ahead, and perhaps the White Sox will even end the trend of a different champion each year in this decade. For now, take a good look, and you will notice something different happening all day Monday at Whitesox.com. We decided to hold a day-long "Soxabration" there, with this simple message for all of you who rejoiced in 2005:

Stop. Remember. Enjoy. Tell the tales. Relive the highlights. Breathe it all in once more before everyone starts from scratch again. Keep checking the White Sox site from morning to night and experience it all anew. Close your eyes, and you are still one with all of those fans on that cold and rainy night, bobbing up and down in front of your seat while singing at the top of your lungs, "Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox ..."

This "Soxabration" will include:

  • Video highlights, special features and full-game broadcasts, including each World Series victory;

  • All those articles and photos that took you behind the scenes;

  • Links to official World Series merchandise including the Collector's Edition DVD set, a ringtone for your mobile phone that plays the call of the final out, and lots of memorabilia including some amazing items in the MLB.com Auction like a baseball that was actually used during that ALCS game when Mark Buerhle started the run of four straight complete games;

  • Special 2005 memories from club personnel in the popular Inside the White Sox blog authored the past year by Scott Reifert, the team's vice president of communications -- and a chance to sign the team's Official World Champs Fan Guestbook blog, if you haven't already.

    All this, and much more, including your ongoing 2005 stories all day on the Fan Forum message boards and continuous coverage of the 2006 club. We won't just be living in the past on this day, but this just seemed like a good time to dwell on what happened last year. After all, it took 88 years to make it happen.

    Think back to that night in the visitor's clubhouse at Minute Maid Park, as a professional ball player stood in a celebration scene and realized a dream he had since learning the game as a boy in Missouri. It was an unreal scene that you will never forget.

    "I don't think there is any better feeling that what I am feeling right now," Crede said, while others doused him with bubbly. "I'm going to soak it all up while it's here and not even think about anything. I'm going to enjoy it."

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