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07/18/08 9:35 PM ET

White Sox not thinking home field yet

Club happy with All-Star result, but thinking of season first

CHICAGO -- The All-Star Game counts, but the White Sox aren't yet concerning themselves with the possibility of home-field advantage in the World Series.

A few days removed from the dramatic 4-3 American League victory, which featured an ironic finish when Carlos Quentin hugged division rival Justin Morneau after scoring the winning run, reactions in the White Sox clubhouse ranged from excitement to indifference.

"It was a lot of fun," said Joe Crede, who popped out in his only at-bat during the All-Star Game. "The guys rallied around each other. There were a lot of great memories to be had there. It was definitely a lot of fun to hang out with such great players in this league."

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen wasn't as enthused about the AL win.

"I was watching my kids. I couldn't care less about the All-Star Game," Guillen said. "I'm glad the American League won because I represented the AL for most of my career and I was excited about the players who represent this ballclub. I checked the paper the next day and it was good we won. Hopefully, the White Sox will take advantage of that win."

Jermaine Dye, who just missed playing in the All-Star Game after finishing second in the Final Vote to Tampa Bay rookie Evan Longoria, could barely stay awake to see the end of the 15-inning marathon.

"That was a crazy game," he said. "I fell asleep two or three times. It's pretty funny to see the managers running around scrambling and trying to figure out what they're gonna do if it's a tie game."

And as for home-field advantage?

"I don't think you watch it because of that," Dye continued. "You watch it just to see your teammates or guys you've played with. Just like any other sport, you just watch it because it's the All-Star Game. You want to see what happens and see who does good and stuff like that."

Whether they wish to address it or not, the American League did, in fact, earn home-field advantage with the win. And should the first-place White Sox reach the World Series, it's something that they surely won't take for granted.

"I never really thought about it until I played in the World Series and then you know home field does matter," Paul Konerko said. "It's in the back of your mind. I mean, yeah, when you're in first place more than halfway into the season, you know, you feel like you can make the playoffs. And if you make the playoffs, you feel like you can get to the World Series. It's not like a huge deal; it wasn't like I was crossing my fingers in front of the TV, but at the same time it's definitely good for the American League.

"Hopefully, we can put that to good use if we make the playoffs and do well."

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