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07/21/09 9:05 PM ET

White Sox GM Williams talks trades

If deal would make team better, club will look at it

CHICAGO -- A real possibility exists that reliever Tony Pena holds up as the only White Sox acquisition made prior to the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline.

But even with general manager Ken Williams sounding a recent warning about money being a bit more of an issue for the team than it was during the pursuit of Jake Peavy in late May, don't think for a second those concerns will stand in the way of the ultra-aggressive White Sox GM pulling off a move of major impact.

"There are similar money worries all around," Williams said. "That means it will, a) stifle discussions or b) cause a lot of creativity to come to the forefront."

Creativity, in this instance, could involve a team including monetary considerations along with the higher-paid player being sent to the White Sox. That situation played out when the White Sox picked up Jim Thome from the Phillies prior to the 2006 season.

It also could mean the White Sox will move another veteran piece to free up space on the payroll. Williams has talked in the past of how the trade of Carlos Lee to the Brewers not only brought back Scott Podsednik as the catalyst for the 2005 championship squad, but it also gave him the monetary room to sign both Tadahito Iguchi and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez.

"Sometimes you get someone who is creative and open-minded enough that there's a way to get something accomplished," Williams said. "It's not always about money."

This particular line of questioning centered on the possibility of acquiring Toronto ace Roy Halladay, but Williams' response was more along the general lines of making a deal. As of Tuesday evening, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said all was quiet on the trade front, but that silence shouldn't be mistaken for lack of effort on the part of Williams and his staff to put the White Sox in the best position to win a title.

"We aren't mortgaging the farm," said Williams, regarding possible trades. "In the same breath, if there's something, and I'm not speaking about Halladay, in general, if there's something that makes sense and makes us better, we do what we always do: Look at it."

"Right now, the only thing you're going to hear is rumors," Guillen said. "Right now we don't have anything on the table. I don't expect anything to happen."

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