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08/30/09 3:02 PM ET

Guillen stands by stern statements

Ozzie insists on speaking his mind about Sox peformance

NEW YORK -- Anyone expecting Ozzie Guillen to be in a foul mood before Sunday's series finale against the Yankees, based on Saturday's postgame diatribe, hasn't been around the White Sox manager too long.

"I always calm down," said Guillen, after saying he was embarrassed and his whole team should be embarrassed following Saturday's 10-0 loss. "I have to say what I have to say. I mean it. If anybody don't like it, my office is open.

"If I say that, it's for a reason. I'm not crazy, I'm not stupid. What's the reason? Look at the record."

The White Sox have a 1-5 record on this 11-game, four-city road trip, and began play on Sunday with a 64-66 record. They didn't lose any ground to Detroit or Minnesota on Saturday, meaning the South Siders sit one-half game out of second in the American League Central and five games out of first.

But the days of relying on other teams to help out have all but disappeared with just 31 games remaining after Sunday's action. The White Sox have to improve their on-field performance, and quickly.

"You can't say it's one thing, because nothing is going right. Flip a coin, and that's it right then," said closer Bobby Jenks of the team's struggles. "We go through these a couple of times a year; every team does. We are going through it at the worst time. When you are trying to catch someone, it looks worse."

"We better [step it up] because if they want to win, they are the ones who have to perform," Guillen said. "If they want to feel proud of themselves, they better step it up. I'm not saying I don't believe in them; I don't say we cannot win with this ballclub. I just say the way we are playing, if they think they are playing good, they just have to get a tape and watch the way they are playing. That's what they have to do, because I watch it and I don't think it's good."

Guillen pointed out how he firmly believes the talent remains in place for the White Sox to be successful, which is part of the reason why he has been disappointed by recent results. He also reiterated his sardonic Saturday assertion about everyone, aside from White Sox athletic trainer Herm Schneider and assistant trainer Brian Ball but including himself, "stealing money" at this point.

"Because we've got more guys inside that [training] room than anybody suspects," Guillen said.

As for Guillen holding back what he feels is necessary direct criticism during this final month of the regular season, don't expect the fiery White Sox manager to change.

"They know me. I'm always going to say the way it is," Guillen said. "Some people have some guts, some people don't; some people say maybe it's Ozzie being Ozzie. My honesty takes me to a lot of problems, but nobody is going to change me. And I will keep my head up, because I know I was telling the truth.

"A lot of guys out there [have] played for me a lot of years, and they know I'm not a hypocrite. They know that I love them from the bottom of my heart, and I will fight for them every minute. But I have a job to do."

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